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July 31, 2023

Prepare to be Enlightened

Must see new products from Hydrel, alphabet, Lithonia, and more! Continue reading below to learn more about FLAME from Hydrel and its new patent pending color blending technology. We are also excited to showcase new products from Solas Ray for specific manufacturing applications. As always, make sure to visit our line card here to stay up to date on the latest offerings!

FLAME by Hydrel - FLAME is a unique lighting technique with two beams in one luminaire - a central beam and an outer beam that blends harmoniously. Create impressive accent gradient effects for sophisticated lighting designs and landscapes while enhancing the architectural experience.

  • Patent pending optical engine construction with quad technology.

  • Available in 3 different sizes in the SAF Family.

  • 3 unique lighting techniques to choose from.

  • IP68 weather ready with IK10 option

Learn more about FLAME from Hydrel

The new Delta M medium bay from alphabet!

  • BETA 6RX Body

  • Up to 10000 Lumens

  • 4 Different Color Temperatures

  • RAL Custom Color and Standard Finish Options

  • 1% Dimming Controls

  • Multiple shades and accessories available

  • Surface mount or rigid pendant

Click to learn more about Delta M from Alphabet

Orma by inter-lux

Orma is a compact and shallow family of round and square LED in-grades suitable to illuminate outdoor architectural elements such as facades, columns as well as landscape and pathway lighting.

  • Can be installed as an uplight, downlight, or in a wall

  • Square or Round, 3 different trim options, 4 different optic options

  • Field adjustable beam angle

  • IP68 and IK10 rated, competitively priced compared to other in-grade applications.

Click here to learn more about Orma from inter-lux

Elevate Your Design with the All-New D Series

Discover D-Series from Lithonia, where leading-edge photometric performance and exceptional design converge to provide the ultimate area lighting solution. With breakthrough backlight control optics and vast design capabilities, designers can craft lighting solutions that perfectly match application needs while minimizing light trespass and adhering to local legislation and codes.

  • Available in 3 different sizes

  • Lumen output ranging from 5000-60000

  • 8 standard distribution patterns, 3 Low G Optic distribution patterns, and 4 back light and corner control distribution patterns.

  • 4 standard colors and over 120 RAL and custom match colors available.

  • nLight air enabled luminaires

Click here to learn more about D-Series from Lithonia

Narrow Band UV Free Yellow Lights from Solas Ray

Narrow band yellow light (590nm / blocks UV wavelengths under 500nm) designed for use in semiconductor manufacturing, laboratories, health care facilities, pharmaceutical labs, and other applications where UV light would be damaging.

  • Tracer SC offered in Class I Div 1 or Class II Div I, up to 1800 Lumens.

  • Keeper SC offered in Class I Div 2, up to 13000 Lumens.

  • Both products offered in 2 or 4 foot lengths.

  • Wall, ceiling or pendant mounting options available.


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