May 2023

Mediahuis Luxembourg

is Live on Advantage 

Alan Cherney returned from a two-week visit to Belgium and Luxembourg to support the go-live of the most recent Mediahuis division to implement Advantage, Mediahuis Luxembourg.  Mediahuis Luxembourg is the publisher of Luxembourg's largest newspaper, Luxemburger Wort, as well as magazines such as Télécran and Contacto. The project (codename: "Pluto") was to migrate the subscriptions to these publications onto an already live instance of Advantage. 

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Streamline Customer

Service with PCI Pal

Even with online self-service tools, a significant section of customers still prefer managing their subscriptions and memberships over the phone, so it’s nice to know that Advantage can easily support these kinds of interactions. Though it is true that the traditional use of phone communication has declined over the years, it remains a powerful business tool for building customer relationships and encouraging brand loyalty.

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Managing People:

Your Greatest Asset

Your people are likely your greatest business asset. This is certainly true in our business: software development and services. Sure, we have our intellectual property – the software itself – but it’s the people using their intellects to develop it and apply it to our clients’ business needs that creates the real value proposition. People are fragile human beings. It doesn’t take much to crush us. Dan Heffernan considers it one of the most important roles to take care of the human beings on his team.

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Data Quality Experts

Advantage typically lives at the heart of our clients’ technical ecosystem with business-critical data freely flowing into and out of it. As such, the open system architecture needs to be carefully maintained to preserve the integrity of these systems and their associated data sets. It should come as no surprise that this requires a carefully thought-out approach to achieve system accuracy, reliability, and consistency. After 40+ years of Advantage installations, we know that maintaining data accuracy.

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