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Hello, FACT TV - FANS!
This is our first issue of the newsletter devoted to local events and FACT activities about which you will want to be apprised. Each month, there will be stories, photos, and happenings from around the area - all delivered via website, Facebook, and hard copy (available at the station) to keep you up to date. 
Featured FACT TV Shows For February
Grafton's Medical Men
Local author Thomas E. Fontaine takes us to various historic sites around Grafton that inspired his new book, "Grafton's Medical Men."
Grandma Kitty’s House
Grandma Kitty loves kid and she developed a show in which she reads popular children’s books, and offers valuable life lessons for kids to learn.
Local Vocals
The Feed
Cellar Hole Investigators

Meet Mike Smith....
he president of our Board of Directors.
Born in Erie, PA, Mike lived close by in Harbor Creek until he graduated from high school and joined the Air Force. He and his wife, Sue (a lab tech), married just after he graduated from the Air Force Academy. They have lived variously in TX, CA, and NY, and eventually settled here, where they built and live in an underground hobbit house. (How cool is that?) They have a daughter and a son who are grown and work as a structural engineer, and an occupational therapist, respectively. 
Mike has an MS in Systems Management, and has worked in various capacities in the field of mental health. This and his association with Rose Fowler eventually led him to the board of directors for GRAS, serving for 19 years – 10 of which as president. While at GRAS, he became involved with FACT and joined the board, and has been its president for 6 years. His favorite moments at FACT include the shows he has done with fellow members, Marty on the Move, The Feed, all the PSAs, and, of course, the Toranado Brothers with Rick Jenkins. 
Heading into the final year of the decade, Mike’s hopes for FACT focus around maintaining the station in the face of recent de-funding. He’s passionate about developing fundraisers to support the station, and encouraging ever-closer ties to, and interaction with, the community. In his words, “Everyone always says, ‘Wow, that’s a great idea – someone should do that!’ Well, we ARE doing it.”
We are now being filmed by FACT and may be viewed by those without television access to our channels by visiting our website. 
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