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Our Library is an Open Book

Libraries change and evolve to meet the needs of their community and adapt to new technologies. At Phillips Free Library though, one thing is constant - we exist to create an equitable world. Our mission is to empower and inspire all people to grow and connect with one another to create a better world for all. Here are some ways to connect with your community at the library this month.

New This Month

Adult Lock-In

Find a baby sitter, grab a friend, make plans to join us for our first adult lock-in on Friday, January 13th from 7-9 pm. We have heard your requests over the years and most recently in a poll from this newsletter a couple months ago... It is time to try an adult lock-in!! We will bake something yummy together, listen to a quick book talk and then you can play board games or find a quiet corner to read. Please register by emailing Sarah:

Featured Events

Tech Explorers Lock-In: Motors

Third through fifth graders can join us on Friday, Jan. 27th for an evening of tech exploration with motors! Starting at 5 pm, there’ll be pizza followed by using Cubelets, Little Bits, and a DC motor project. Register by emailing by Jan. 26th. 

Books That Get Us Through

It’s been a tough couple of years, but books help. Come to a discussion on Thursday, Oct. 27th at 6 pm, of one of the books that helped many of us through the last couple of years – Wintering:The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May. Register by emailing

New Books

Adult Non-Fiction

The Swedish Art of Aging Exuberantly

by Margareta Magnusson

available after December 27

In her international bestseller The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning Margareta Magnusson introduced the world to the Swedish tradition of döstädning, or “death cleaning”—clearing out your unnecessary belongings so others don’t have to do it for you. Now, unburdened by (literal and emotional) baggage, Magnusson is able to focus on what makes each day worth living. In her new book she reveals her discoveries about aging—some difficult to accept, many rather wondrous. She reflects on her idyllic childhood on the west coast of Sweden, the fullness of her life with her husband and five children, and learning how to live alone. Throughout, she offers advice on how to age gracefully, such as: wear stripes, don’t resist new technology, let go of what doesn’t matter, and more.

As with death cleaning, it’s never too early to begin. The Swedish Art of Aging Exuberantly shows all readers how to prepare for and understand the process of growing older and the joys and sorrows it can bring. While Magnusson still recommends decluttering (your loved ones will thank you!), her ultimate message is that we should not live in fear of death but rather focus on appreciating beauty, connecting with our loved ones, and enjoying our time together.

Young Adult Non-Fiction

The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee

by David Treuer and Sheila Keenan

place hold here

The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee is a story of Native American resilience and reinvention, adapted for young adults from the adult nonfiction book of the same name.

Since the late 1800s, it has been believed that Native American civilization has been wiped from the United States. The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee argues that Native American culture is far from defeated—if anything, it is thriving as much today as it was one hundred years ago.


The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee looks at Native American culture as it exists today—and the fight to preserve language and traditions. 

Coming Soon

Art for Adults - Gelli Printing

Discover the fun of printing with a gelli plate. Gelatin printing is a monoprint technique and a fool-proof way to make quick and beautiful art. No prior experience is needed. We will use paint, paper and other found materials such as stencils and stamps. You will come away with multiple pieces of art in this session. All supplies will be provided. Bring a smock if you would like. 

A Glimpse at Last Month

Family Lock-In

We had a great time celebrating National Cookie Day at our family lock-in on December 4th. We heard cookie stories, played cookie games and made a gingerbread card. Of course we ate cookies too!

Quote of the Month...

Monthly Poll

How will you design a life baggy enough to live in this year? See above quote from Matt Haig.
Practice Wonder
Take time to laugh
Read more
Take time for tea
Spend more time outside
Create something
Spend time with loved ones (friends, pets, family)
Try mindful activities
Learn something new
Take naps

Results from our poll last month

Due to a glitch in the program, we sent the same poll as we did in November - the results were surprisingly similar!

Calendar of Events

January 2023

Monday January 2 - Library Closed

Tuesday, January 3 - 3rd & 4th grade book club

Wednesday, January 4 - Knee High Story Time 9 am - buses and trains

Wednesday, January 4 - K-2 Library Zoo LEGO Club 3:20-4:15p

Thursday, January 5 - Yoga #1 of 4 10:30 am Please Register

Friday, January 6 - Catholic Charities Peer Support 12:30-2:30pm

Monday, January 9 - Family Book Club 6 pm

Monday, January 9 - Board of Trustees Meeting 7 pm

Wednesday, January 11 - Knee High Story Time 9 am - Old MacDonald's Farm

Wednesday, January 11 - K-2 Library Zoo - book club 3:20-4:15p

Thursday, January 12 - Yoga #2 of 4 10:30am

Friday, January 13 - Adult Lock In 7-9 pm Please register

Monday, January 16 - Library Closed

Monday, January 16 - High School Book Club 5p

Wednesday, January 18 - Knee High Story Time 9am - Dinosaurs

Wednesday, January 18 - K-2 Library Zoo - games 3:20-4:15 pm

Thursday, January 19 - Yoga #3 of 4 10:30 am

Thursday, January 19 - Books That Get Us Through 1:30 pm

Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May

Please Register

Wednesday, January 25 - Knee High Story Time 9 am - Wild Animals

Wednesday, January 25 - K-2 Library Zoo - story time - Yeti's 3:20-4:15pm

Wednesday, January 25 - Points of View: Book Discussion 6:30p on zoom

True Biz by Sarah Novic Please register:

Thursday, January 26 - Yoga #4 of 4 10:30am

Friday, January 27 - Tech Explorers Lock In: Motors 3rd-6th gr 5pm

Please Register

Tuesday, January 31 - Art for Adults with Lauren Nels Gelli Prints 6-8pm

Please Register

unless otherwise noted, please register by emailing

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