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June 19, 2019

Prepare to be Enlightened
Innovative achievements from Acuity Brands. Providing endless opportunity and versatility for indoor/outdoor lighting and commercial/industrial control applications.

   The wireless nLight AIR rLSXR is a versatile solution for commercial and industrial lighting control applications.

The Affinity® AFB LED 

The latest in emergency lighting blends style, toughness, technology and performance making it a solid choice in the Affinity line-up of durable indoor and outdoor emergency lights. Multipurpose and aesthetically appealing.

Optional self-diagnostics features, multiple finish choices, UL wet location listed and much more. 
The UFIT LED Family

The UFIT™ family of LED luminaires delivers the design you need at a price that everyone can love. Whether you need enhanced illumination in a full fixture, or the ease of installation and cost savings with a retrofit, the UFIT family of products has you covered. Perfect for  applications such as warehouses, factories, storage facilities, educational and retail spaces.

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