Latest News from the City of Yorba Linda
A Message from the City Manager
Dear Community Member,
On behalf of the City of Yorba Linda, I would like to first express my deepest condolences to the families of the victims who lost their lives in the tragic plane crash that occurred earlier this month. As our community continues to honor and remember the victims, I can’t help but express my admiration and gratitude to this community for their support following the days of the tragedy. Yorba Linda is truly a remarkable community. I would also like to offer my appreciation to the Orange County Fire Authority, Orange County Sheriff's Department, and other responding agencies for their expedient response to the incident.
As information about the incident became available, the City utilized the website and City social media sites ( Facebook , Instagram , Nextdoor , and Twitter ) to disseminate important safety and resource information to residents, business owners, and visitors. I encourage you take a proactive approach to staying informed by visiting the City website and joining the community on social media. Thank you for reading and staying connected with City of Yorba Linda news.
Best Regards,
Mark Pulone
City Manager

City Council Meeting Recap
The City Council Meeting Recap for the February 5, 2019 City Council Meeting is now available online . Following each City Council Meeting, a recap is posted to the Latest News section of the City website. These recaps are intended to summarize action taken by City Council, and are not intended to function as a replacement for official meeting minutes. City Council Meeting agendas and minutes, as well as recaps from previous meetings are always available on the Agendas and Minutes page of the City website. View the February 5, 2019 City Council Meeting Recap on the City website .
View Aerial Footage from Public Library & Cultural Arts Center
Grading operations have begun at the new Yorba Linda Public Library and Cultural Arts Center site. Aerial video footage of the site is available on the project website, . Look for construction updates in future issues of the Yorba Linda Connection and on the project website .
City Council Approves Comprehensive Zoning Code Amendment
At the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, the Yorba Linda City Council approved a comprehensive amendment to the Yorba Linda Zoning Code. This amendment is the culmination of review by staff and six public workshops conducted by the Planning Commission. Although various chapters of the Zoning Code have been updated over the years, the most recent comprehensive amendment was made in 2004. Examples of updated areas of the Zoning Code made in this amendment include:
  • Similar use determinations;
  • Community Development Director Zoning Code interpretations;
  • Recent changes to federal and state law;
  • Zoning Code Map scrivener’s errors; and
  • Other various issues staff has found when applying or interpreting the Zoning Code.
The Zoning Code Amendment was made through City Council's adoption of Ordinance No. 2019-1056, which will go into effect 30 days following its adoption. The update will be reflected in the City's Municipal Code
Orange County Public Safety Agencies Launch Text-to-911
To further enhance public safety, Orange County law enforcement and fire dispatch centers, including Yorba Linda Police Services/Orange County Sheriff's Department and Orange County Fire Authority , are now equipped with Text-to-911 to allow the hearing impaired, speech impaired, or those in an emergency situation who are unable to make a phone call reach emergency services dispatchers by text message. Text-to-911 was jointly launched by every Orange County public safety agency with a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) on February 6, 2019.

Residents are reminded that voice calls are always preferred, as making a voice call will provide a faster response by allowing information to be relayed to responding public safety personnel as quickly as possible. A voice call also allows dispatchers to hear background noises or conversations and gather additional information. If a situation arises when you need to use Text-to-911, you should first provide your location and whether you need law enforcement, fire, or medical aid services. Some tips for using text-to-911 include:

  • Ensure location services on your mobile phone are turned on and be prepared to provide your location in the text;
  • To get started, type “911” in the “to” field of the text message and, in addition to your location, provide the type of emergency services you need (police, fire or medical);
  • Use plain text and refrain from abbreviations;
  • Dispatchers cannot accept pictures, videos, or icons;
  • Text-to-9-1-1 cannot be used in a group text;
  • If your text does not go through, you should receive a message to make a voice call; and
  • Calling or texting 911 when it is not an emergency is a crime punishable by up to a year in County jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

For additional information, view the Text-to-911 Fact Sheet . Image courtesy of .
City to Launch New GIS Mapping Application
Later this month, the City of Yorba Linda will launch, “Map Yorba Linda,” a user-friendly web-based mapping application designed for residents, businesses, or anyone looking to live in the City of Yorba Linda. The mapping application allows users to retrieve property information, including details about street sweeping, refuse collection, street lighting and landscaping maintenance district zones, water and sewer providers, hazard zones, and other general property information. Look for the link to the application in the Latest News section of the City website on February 21, 2019 from a computer or mobile device!
Share Your Feedback on the City Website
In March 2018, the City of Yorba Linda launched a new City website, , to improve usability, enhance content, and meet the community’s needs. As the City of Yorba Linda approaches the one-year anniversary of the new website launch, the City is seeking the community’s input on the new site through an short online survey . Your feedback will help enhance future functionality and content of the new website. Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback!
Portion of Santa Ana River Bike Trail Now Open
Cyclists, joggers, and walkers will be pleased to hear that a portion of the Santa Ana River Trail between Mercado del Rio and Lomas de Yorba West has been completed and is now open to the public. The completion of this section of the trail marks the end of Phase 5A of the US Army Corps of Engineers/Orange County Flood Control District (OCFCD) project to restore the embankment along the Santa Ana River. A temporary bike lane is still in place just east of Lomas de Yorba West due to the work underway for Phase 5B of the project. For more information on the restoration project, please visit the OCFCD website .
Honor a Local Hero with a Military Banner
The Parks and Recreation Department is accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Military Banner Program, which recognizes active duty and Gold Star military personnel. Each banner will list the name of the honoree and the branch of the military in which they serve and signifies the community's gratitude for their service. Banners will be displayed on light poles on Yorba Linda Boulevard beginning at Valley View Avenue and continuing east for a one-year period beginning in mid-May. Applications are available on the Military Service recognition page of the City website and will be accepted through April 1, 2019. The cost to purchase a banner is $85.
Santa Ana River Interceptor Rock Removal Project to Begin this Spring
The Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) is a regional wastewater provider for 2.6 million people in Orange County. OCSD has a 54-inch pipeline south of the Santa Ana River in the Yorba Linda area that carries about 14 million gallons per day of brine (water with a high salt content), industrial wastewater, and domestic sewage out of the upper Santa Ana River basin.

A segment of the Santa Ana River Interceptor (SARI) pipeline used to be within the Santa Ana River floodplain, west of the Green River Golf Club to Weir Canyon Road, but it was relocated. This relocated segment of the pipeline downstream of the golf course was particularly vulnerable to erosion that caused major changes to the depth of protective cover within the riverbed. In several locations, the erosion above the SARI required OCSD to place rocks adjacent to the pipes to trap and retain soil cover to safeguard it from potential damage. The rocks were placed under special permits that required them to be removed once the pipe was relocated out of the floodplain. Now that the SARI pipeline has been relocated and other projects in the area are completed, OCSD will begin the rock removal process staring at Weir Canyon Road and heading east along the river. As construction progresses, OCSD will notify residents and businesses along La Palma Avenue of the construction dates. For further project info please call OCSD’s Construction Hotline at 714-378-2965 or via email at Image courtesy of: .

Special Election Schedule to Fill Third District Supervisorial Vacancy
Yorba Linda residents will vote in a Special Election on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 to fill the Third District seat on the Orange County Board of Supervisors . The vacancy was created when Todd Spitzer, who previously represented the Third District, was sworn in as Orange County District Attorney in January. Vote-by-mail ballots were sent to registered absentee voters this week and the deadline to register to vote in the Special Election is Monday, February 25. View candidate information and additional election information on the Orange County Registrar of Voters website .
New Eateries Coming to Yorba Linda
Hold on to your forks, because Yorba Linda has recently gained several new restaurants and eateries and there are several others on the way. With a mix of one-of-a-kind local businesses and established chains, dining in Yorba Linda has never been better. Recent and coming-soon offerings include:

Oceans & Earth Restaurant Receives National Recognition
Yorba Linda restaurant Oceans & Earth recently made national news when they were recognized as the #1 gluten free restaurant in the United States by website Me & GF Free . The website, which offers restaurant recommendations from around the world for gluten-free travelers, conducted a survey of its readers to select the restaurants that were recognized. In addition to their completely gluten-free menu, they also cited chef and owner Adam Navidi's use of organic produce grown at the restaurant's own aquaponic farm, which is the largest of its kind in California. To view the full story, visit Me & GF Free . For more information about Oceans & Earth, visit their website . Image courtesy of:
Tips for Dealing with Door-to-Door Solicitors in Yorba Linda
Door-to-door solicitors may have other motives than selling magazines or services when going door-to-door in your neighborhood, such as burglary or theft. In an effort to help combat against these types of crimes, Yorba Linda Police Services , along with the City of Yorba Linda, would like to remind residents of safety information related to door-to-door solicitors.
The City of Yorba Linda Municipal Code regulates door-to-door solicitation for commercial purposes. Regulations are as strong as legally permissible based on Federal law and Supreme Court decisions protecting First Amendment rights. All commercial solicitors are required to register with the City Clerk to obtain a City-issued permit. Residents are cautioned to only open their door for commercial solicitors who are able to show their City-issued solicitor's badge. In the case of a threatening situation, residents should call 911. Solicitors with a City-issued permit are required to comply with the following regulations set by the City:

  • Submit to a criminal background check;
  • Carry a photo ID and carry a City-issued solicitation badge at all times;
  • Refrain from engaging in abusive solicitation;
  • Leave the premises when requested to do so;
  • Refrain from soliciting 30 minutes after sunset or earlier than 8:00 a.m.;
  • Refrain from soliciting on any premises listed on the City's Do Not Knock Registry; and
  • Honor "No Soliciting" signs displayed on any premise.

Residents who do not wish to receive door-to-door solicitors may register for the City of Yorba Linda's Do Not Knock Registry by completing an online form , emailing the Deputy City Clerk , or calling the City Clerk's Office at 714-961-7150. Solicitors are prohibited from visiting addresses listed on the Do Not Knock Registry. Violations should be reported immediately to the Orange County Sheriff's Department by calling 714-647-7000.
Prevention of Mosquito-Borne Illnesses Starts in Your Backyard
With the recent rain, the City of Yorba Linda, along with Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District , would like to remind residents to take a proactive approach to preventing the spread of deadly mosquito-borne illnesses, such as West Nile Virus, in Orange County. The most effective form of prevention is eliminating mosquitoes at the source by eliminating possible breeding areas. Since mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, residents can easily eliminate breeding areas by checking for standing water around the home. Following rainfall and once a week, residents should "tip and toss" standing water from areas sych as flowerpot saucers, planters, children's toys, buckets, or anything else around your yard that can hold water. For additional information, visit the Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control website , or view their mosquito prevention video . Image courtesy of:
View OC Animal Care's Coyote Awareness Presentation
On January 23, 2019, the City co-hosted a Coyote Awareness Presentation with OC Animal Care at the Yorba Linda Community Center. Attendees learned about the coyote presence in Yorba Linda, coyote behavior, deterrents, ways to decrease negative encounters, and other helpful information. Those who missed the presentation can view a copy of the OC Animal Care's PowerPoint presentation entitled Coyotes in Your Community .
Tips to Prevent Over-Watering
During the rainy season, one of the biggest challenges for the home gardener can be determining the the correct frequency and amount of water needed to maintain a healthy lawn and garden. When plants appear droopy or discolored, more water might seem like the answer, however, over-watering is often the culprit of plant discoloration and other issues. Preventing over-watering in your yard will not only help the health of your plants, but will also prevent harmful pollutants from entering the oceans as excess irrigation can wash pesticides, fertilizers, and other pollutants through the storm drains. Improve the health of your garden while preventing pollution by following these simple tips:

  • During the fall and winter months, your lawn needs far less water than during the summer. Adjust sprinkler controls to water less during these seasons;
  • Determine if your lawn is adequately watered by using his trick - if your blades of grass spring up after you step on them, they are adequately watered;
  • Evaluate your lawn's health by its color - if it is vibrant green and is not pale, it is receiving enough water. If your lawn becomes less verdant, it may need nutrients and not water; consider consulting a gardening professional; and
  • Water in the early morning before sunrise to reduce water loss due to evaporation.
City Facilities to Close in Observance of Presidents' Day
In observance of Presidents' Day, all City offices, including City Hall, the Library, the Police Services Substation, and Parks and Recreation facilities will be closed on Monday, February 18, 2019. City offices will reopen to normal business hours on Tuesday, February 19. The holiday will not affect scheduled refuse and recycling collection or street sweeping.
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