Latest News from the City of Yorba Linda
Yorba Linda City Council Members Seated, New Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem Appointed
At the December 4, 2018 City Council Meeting, newly elected City Council Member Carlos Rodriguez and incumbent Peggy Huang were sworn in, filling the two open seats for the Yorba Linda City Council. Council Members Rodriguez and Huang will serve a 4-year term of service. At Tuesday's meeting, the City Council also appointed the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem to serve a one-year term. The City of Yorba Linda is pleased to announce the reorganization of the Yorba Linda City Council as follows:

  • Tara Campbell, Mayor
  • Dr. Beth Haney, Mayor Pro Tem
  • Gene Hernandez, Council Member
  • Peggy Huang, Council Member
  • Carlos Rodriguez, Council Member

The 2018 General Municipal Election was held on Tuesday, November 6. View the certified Statement of the Vote issued by the Orange County Registrar of Voters on the City website .
City Council Meeting Recap
The City Council Meeting Recap for the December 4, 2018 City Council Meeting is now available online . Following each City Council Meeting, a recap is posted to the Latest News section of the City website. These recaps are intended to summarize action taken by City Council, and are not intended to function as a replacement for official meeting minutes. City Council Meeting agendas and minutes, as well as recaps from previous meetings are always available on the Agendas and Minutes page of the City website. View the December 4, 2018 City Council Meeting Recap on the City website .
New Library & Cultural Arts Center Groundbreaking Ceremony Scheduled for January 5, 2019
At the November 20, 2018 City Council Meeting, City Council awarded the construction contract for the Public Library and Cultural Arts Center, allowing the project to move forward to the construction phase. The City of Yorba Linda invites the community to join in the commemoration of this historic project by attending the Library & Cultural Arts Center Groundbreaking Ceremony on Saturday, January 5, 2019 at 2:30 p.m. at the project site located on Lakeview Avenue between Lemon Street and Yorba Linda Boulevard. Parking will be available in the Yorba Linda Town Center Public Parking Structure (18423 Arroyo Street). For more information on the Library & Cultural Arts Center, please visit the project website
Oakcrest Heights Joins City’s Affordable Housing Offerings
On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, National Community Renaissance (National CORE) hosted a grand opening ceremony for the Oakcrest Heights residential community. Located in Savi Ranch, the 54-unit apartment community will include support facilities for its residents including an onsite preschool, an after-school program, a computer lab, and an onsite service coordinator who will provide residents with access to services such as workforce development, financial literacy, adult education, and health and wellness. Oakcrest Heights features one, two, and three-bedroom apartments designed and developed to help address the City’s need for affordable housing in our community. A number of the units will be set aside for transitional age youth moving out of foster care and into permanent independent living. Oakcrest Heights joins Oakcrest Terrace, the other National CORE property in Savi Ranch, which features 69 units designed to meet the needs of local seniors, veterans, and families. Although both residential complexes are completely full at this time, prospective residents may wish to visit the National CORE website for additional information on either Oakcrest Terrace or Oakcrest Heights.   Photo courtesy of National Community Renaissance .
Yorba Linda Town Center Public Parking Structure Now Open
Diners and shoppers who frequent the Yorba Linda Historic District, and those looking forward to visiting the highly anticipated Yorba Linda Town Center District, will be excited to hear that the Yorba Linda Town Center Public Parking Structure is now open. The 4-level parking structure has 446 stalls, including ADA stalls, and electric vehicle charging stations. The design incorporates a sensor-based guidance system which displays the number of spots available on each floor, and extensive facade enhancements allow the structure to blend with the architecture of the surrounding areas. The project has already received recognition, as it was recently selected as the top project in the Facilities category among agencies of comparable size by the Southern California Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) .
Join the Parks & Recreation Department for Senior Services Wellness Week
The City of Yorba Linda and UCI Health are partnering to offer Senior Services Wellness Week, which will help you start your 2019 in a healthy way by bringing total body wellness directly to you. Scheduled for Monday-Friday, January 7-11, 2019 at the Yorba Linda Community Center, Senior Wellness Week will feature:

  • Health Assessments, including blood pressure, weight, and heart rate checks;
  • Walk with a Doc;
  • Zumba Gold and Stand Tall Classes;
  • Balance screening;
  • Mental acuity test/class;
  • Grip strength test;
  • Healthy cooking demos;
  • Breast cancer awareness information;
  • Information on services offered by UCI Health;
  • Opportunity drawings;
  • Free t-shirts to the first 200 participants; and
  • Refreshments.

A full schedule of activities will be posted to the City website as Senior Wellness Week gets closer. For more information, please contact the Yorba Linda Community Center at 714-961-7181.
Honor Our Local Veterans at Weekly Flag Ceremony
Members of the community are encouraged to honor our local military personnel and veterans at a weekly flag-raising ceremony held at the Yorba Linda Veterans Memorial at Veterans Park . The ceremony, which is held each Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m. is organized by the Veterans Memorial Association and other veterans groups. Those in attendance who are veterans or have a family member in the military should inform the group leaders to be included in the ceremony.
Mark Your Calendar for Holiday Facility Closures
The City of Yorba Linda will observe Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day, as City holidays, and will have modified hours on New Year's Eve. Holiday hours will vary between facilities; please visit the City website for a full schedule.

Please note there will be no refuse or recycling collection service on Tuesday, December 25, 2018 and Tuesday, January 1, 2019. Collection will be delayed by one day for the remainder of the week.
Planning a Holiday Vacation? Let Yorba Linda Police Services Check on Your Home
Residents who plan on traveling this holiday season are encouraged to take advantage of the Vacation Home Check offered by Yorba Linda Police Services. Registration for this free service is available on the City website by simply completing a short form at least seven days prior to scheduled travel. Once you are registered, deputies will periodically check your home for the duration of your vacation. For additional information, please contact Yorba Linda Police Services at 714-779-7098.
Holiday Tree Safety Tips
It is the time of year to enjoy favorite holiday traditions, celebrating around the table, making new memories with friends and family, and in many families, enjoying a holiday tree. To ensure that the holidays are both happy and safe, Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) and the City of Yorba Linda encourage residents to follow these holiday tree safety tips:

  • When selecting your holiday tree, ensure it is fresh. Check for freshness by bouncing the tree on the ground. A fresh tree should only shed a few needles. In addition, needles should not break when bent between your fingers;
  • When you bring your tree home, cut off approximately two inches from the bottom of the trunk. Mount the tree in a sturdy water-holding stand, which should be refilled 1-2 times per day;
  • Select a location for your tree that is away from fireplaces, radiators, heating vents, air ducts, or other sources of heat;
  • Ensure ornaments and any other tree decorations are non-combustible or flame resistant; and
  • Remove your tree promptly from your home following the holidays. A dried-out tree is extremely dangerous; an ignited tree can be completely consumed by fire in 3-5 seconds.

For additional fire prevention tips, visit the OCFA website .
Prevent Package Theft this Holiday Season with Safe Shipping Tips
With the holiday shopping season in full swing and online shopping on the rise, many residents may expect to receive package deliveries at their home in the coming month. Although the opportunity exists all year for packages to go missing from your doorstep, the instance of package theft increases during the holidays season. Before you ship, Yorba Linda Police Services and the City of Yorba Linda encourage you follow these tips to ensure your package ends up under the tree and not in the hands of a thief:

  • Consider requiring a signature for valuable packages;
  • Check to see if your shipping company offers digital alerts. The alerts will keep you updated on impending deliveries and in some cases allow you to reschedule or reroute packages;
  • If you are not going to be home or cannot schedule package delivery, consider having the package delivered to a trusted neighbor’s house or delivered to your workplace;
  • Choose the “in-store pick-up” option whenever possible;
  • Beware of shipping scams. Some postal customers are receiving fraudulent e-mails about a package delivery or online postage charges that ask the user for personal information; and
  • Do not rely on front door cameras to prevent theft. Although great for surveillance purposes, they are not a substitute for promptly bringing in packages.  
Tree-Cycle After the Holidays
Holiday trees are only used for a few weeks out of the year, and recycling or reusing them can be a great way to limit holiday waste. Cut, real holiday trees will be accepted at the curb by Republic Services from Wednesday, December 26, 2018 through Monday, January 7, 2019. Be sure to remove all lights, ornaments, tinsel, and garland, as well as the metal or plastic stand. Set the bare tree at the curb. If your tree is more than 6 feet tall, please cut it in half for safe and easy collection. If you don’t take your tree down until after January 7, 2019, please cut it into pieces that will fit into your yardwaste container with the lid closed. You can also recycle holiday wreaths and greenery in your yardwaste container. The wreaths and greenery must also be bare, so please remove all wire, hooks, bows, and other decorations. Collected trees and greenery are turned into mulch, compost, and ground cover. If your family enjoys an artificial tree, pack it up for next year. If you are discarding an artificial tree or wreath, please place it into the waste container. Artificial trees and wreaths are not recyclable. For more information, contact Republic Services .
Orange County Fire Authority Offers Free Wildfire Home Assessment
In the wake of the recent California wildfires, the City of Yorba Linda and Orange County Fire Authority would like to remind residents of the many educational and preventive services available to them through OCFA. One of these important services is the Wildfire Home Assessment , which consists of a free and confidential meeting with an OCFA representative at your home. During your assessment, the representative will assess the area outside your home and property and offer specific steps you can take to reduce your home’s vulnerability to wildfire. To schedule your assessment, call OCFA at 714-573-6774, or visit their website to view their comprehensive library of educational resources.  
City Council Meeting Cancellation
The January 1, 2019 City Council Meeting has been cancelled due to the New Year's holiday. The first meeting of 2019 will be held on January 15 at 6:30 p.m. The meeting agenda will be available on the Agendas and Minutes page of the City website prior to the meeting.
Recycling: Simple as 1-2-3
When it comes to recycling, everyone has a part to play. Republic Services and the City of Yorba Linda would like to remind residents that they can play an integral role in the preservation of the environment by ensuring that recyclables do not end up in landfills. Recycling can be as simple as 1-2-3 by following these simple tips:

  • Know what to throw - Cardboard, paper, metal cans, and plastic bottles and jugs are all recyclable;
  • Empty. Clean. Dry. (TM) - Recyclables should be free from food and liquid. This may mean rinsing and drying items before depositing them in the recycling bin; and
  • Keep it loose - Recyclables should not not be placed in trash bags or containers, instead, deposit recyclables directly into the recycling bin.

Fore more tips, visit Republic Services' Recycling Simplified website . An informational video is also available.
When Working with Paint, Be Mindful of the Environment
With the new year just around the corner, many people will be tackling projects around the house, including projects involving paint. Because paint has the potential to cause significant damage to the environment, whether you plan to hire a contractor or complete a DIY project, the City of Yorba Linda encourages residents to be mindful of the environment by following these tips when using, cleaning, storing, and disposing of paint:

  • Never clean brushes or rinse paint containers in the street, gutter, or storm drain. For oil-based products, use as much of the paint on the brushes as possible and clean brushes with thinner. For water-based products, use as much of the paint on the brushes as possible, then rinse in the sink;
  • Paint should be stored in a dry location away from the elements. Firmly secure the lid and store the paint cans upside down to prevent air from entering. This will keep the paint usable longer; and
  • When disposing of paint, never put wet paint in the trash. For water-based paint, if possible, brush leftover paint on cardboard or newspaper. Otherwise, allow the paint to dry in the can with the lid off in a well-ventilated area protected from the elements, children and pets. Large quantities of extra paint should be taken to a Hazardous Household Waste Collection Center (HWCC). Oil-based and aerosol paint should be disposed of in any quantity at a HHWCC.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018
6:30 p.m.
Holiday Tree Collection
Wednesday, December 26, 2018-Monday, January 7, 2019
City Council Meeting Cancelled
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Public Library & Cultural Arts Center Groundbreaking Ceremony
Saturday, January 5, 2019
2:30 p.m.
Project Site
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Senior Services Wellness Week
January 7-11, 2019
Tuesday,January 15, 2019
6:30 p.m.
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