Marijuana Legalization Controversy
New York Should Put the Safety of Their Citizens First!

Normally We Save Lives does not take a position on marijuana legalization but we do take a position on drugged driving. We are opposed.

However, we are making an exception in this case.

We oppose the legalization of marijuana in New York because at the same time they legalize a mind-altering drug they want to decriminalize pot impaired driving. That's right. It would no longer be a misdemeanor to drive under the influence of marijuana. It would be an infraction. In our opinion, they want to give New Yorkers a license to kill while driving under the influence of marijuana. This is totally unacceptable. If you want to legalize marijuana then make sure you protect your constituents by including safeguards about driving while impaired.
If this bill passes, the legislature is making it more difficult to arrest and convict a stoned driver then it is a drunk driver. Is this what you want?

It appears to us that the legislature is trying protect stoned drivers at the expense of the victims. How? Drunk drivers can be convicted if they are simply impaired. Stoned drivers can only be convicted if they are seriously impaired, which is not defined under the new bill. According to Maureen McCormick, Executive Assistant District Attorney, Major Case Division and Intergovernmental Relations, "The bottom line is that until those provisions are addressed, the legislature should vote no on the package-not because of opposition to the legalization but because of the critical need to address traffic safety simultaneously with legalization. So basically, fix it or reject it as is".

And why do they think they can do this? Because according to one legislator, " the capital is being is overrun by marijuana lobbyists and no one is opposing."

States that legalized marijuana have seen an increase in traffic fatalities. New York should be prepared. Instead of making it more difficult for drivers to drive stoned, they are making it easier and risking the life of everyone who travels on New York's roadways. NOW IS THE TIME they should be showing concern for the citizens of New York and not for those who chose to drive stoned. New Yorkers have to decide if bringing in big money is worth risking their lives because the legislature was too ill informed or swayed by lobbyists to keep New Yorkers safe.

We think not!

Saving lives should be the priority, not saving stoned drivers!

Tell your representatives and the Governor to vote NO on this bill until it is fixed and your safety is their priority.

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