E-Newsletter - February 2019
Welcome to this month's publication of the eNews. In this edition, you will find:
*Team Turner
*Penny Drive
*Career Speakers
*Kindergarten Scientists
*Birthday Treats
*Bulldogs of Character Celebrations
*Spelling Bee Winners
*Sports News
*Jr.Olympic Athlete
*Classroom Activities
*Club Activities
*Field Trips
*Lunch for Staff
Dates to Note
February 1 - 100th Day of School
February 1 - Registration for 4K and 5K
February 11 - Board meeting
February 12 - 14 - Dance Team Kids' Camp
February 14 - Happy Valentine's Day
February 15 - Dance Team Kids' Performance
February 18 - President's Day
February 18 - No School - Staff Development
February 20 - No School for grades 9, 10, 12
February 21 - 11:30 start for grades 9, 10, 12
February 28 - Literacy Night - Lincoln School
District News Quick Links:
Community Connections
Former and current HOSA members and students of Laura Turner helped plan and organize a benefit for Miss Laura Turner who is fighting cancer. Thank you to all who helped organize and contribute to this event that demonstrated our support of Ms. Turner as she battles cancer. Go TEAM TURNER !
Middle school students, Thomas Bartel and Jayla Pagel, coordinated a Vision Awareness Penny Drive at the Intermediate/Middle School under the supervision of Mrs. Kriewaldt. The generous donations of students and staff were presented to local Lion's Club members.
New London ISMS held its 3rd monthly Career Speakers Day . Fifteen guest speakers came in to talk about their careers. What a great opportunity to connect our community, parents, and students. Many thanks to our guest speakers!
Lincoln kindergarten students recently completed a writing unit titled, "Writing Like a Scientist." They learned how to write like scientists by looking at things closely, then drawing and writing what they see using details.
Sugar Bush birthday girl, Journey Huey, had a much better day after experiencing a car accident. Deputy Sue replaced Journey's ruined cupcakes and delivered them to Journey and her class.
Readfield kindergartener, Alana Thyssen, celebrated her birthday. Instead of asking for gifts for herself, guests were encouraged to give a gift that could then be donated to the school’s Phy. Ed. program or added to the recess equipment . Thank you, Alana, for being a kind and caring Bulldog of Character!
Mr. Fargen from Karate America Greenville , gave an interactive presentation to Parkview's 3rd graders . They learned about respect (at home, school and in the community), having self-confidence and pride, and some introductory motions and stance in martial arts.
Sugar Bush students enjoyed Fancy Friday as they had all reached 100 points for PBIS ! Well done Bulldogs!
Grade 3 - 5 Ski Club took their second trip to Nordic Mountain. They had nice weather, great snow and happy skiers!
The ISMS and the Elementary Spelling Bees were celebrations of academic excellence. Chesney Magolski, first runner up and Macy Lemke, Elementary Spelling Bee Champion are pictured on the left. Jonah Stone, District Spelling Champion and runner-up, Glavin Lubinski , will represent New London at the CESA 6 Regional Spelling Bee.
Mrs. Friemark presented sixth grader, Hailie Krueger , with an autographed picture of Mason Crosby for her entry in the "Drink Milk with Mason" contest .

 Mrs. Beth and Jordan taught Mrs. Smith's 5th grade Bulldog class at the intermediate school sign language . Students learned the alphabet and played a fun game.
The 7th grade boys basketball team got to experience what it is like 'Playing like the Pros'. Our Bulldogs got to sit court-side to watch the Milwaukee Bucks warm up. Then the boys got to play on the Bucks' court before watching the pros play. What a great experience!
J essa Muller, 9th grade student at NLHS, presented in Mrs Spencer's class on the Olympic sport of Luge . Best of luck to Jessa on her upcoming competition in New York . Good luck, Jessa!
NLHS TSA members formed teams and competed in an egg drop competition . Students constructed a container with dimensions no greater than 20 cm to catch a raw egg dropped into it from varying heights. The ultimate goal was for the egg not to be damaged in the drop. Winning height was 600 cm .

NLHS DECA students competed in their first round of competition . Forty students competed in this first round of competition completing a written test and performing two role plays in front of a judge.
NLHS students participated in a Glass workshop day at Bergstrom Mahler Museum of Glass in Neenah. Students had the opportunity to participate in two workshops throughout the day. All student work will be on display at Bergstrom Mahler Museum of Glass for their annual High School Art Glass show.
During their microorganisms unit, NLHS biology students swabbed areas of the high school to predict which surfaces would yield the most bacterial growth . Students grew their cultures on nutrient agar in Petri dishes and recorded growth over several days. Some of the most "interesting" bacteria was found on keyboards and in the weight room !

NLHS students presented a lighting study they conducted of our schools with the help of BNH Lighting in order to upgrade lighting and save money through energy efficiency .
 NLHS Advanced Placement Literature students celebrated their annual Hamlet Day by donning black and posting with Yorick's skull as they stand in solidarity with the mourning prince who has lost his father.
NLHS sociology students experience life in different socioeconomic classes by playing stratified Monopoly . Students take a role of a person in a different socioeconomic class and experience benefits or limitations in the game based on differences in opportunities and income.
NLHS National Honor Society students graciously prepared and served breakfast to NLHS staff members to help fuel them for their district inservice. Several members also shared their NewLASS scholarship essays . What wonderful Bulldog students we have!

NLHS basketball player, Kate Christian, became only the fourth player in the Bulldog basketball program to reach 1000 points . Congratulations, Kate!
NLHS Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Spanish National Honor Society) inducted 29 new members into their chapter. The mission of the society is to recognize high academic achievement in Spanish and to promote interest in Hispanic studies. ¡Bien hecho estudiantes!
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