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Engaging in a multidisciplinary approach of making, Everett Hoffman makes work that reimagines the function of ornamentation and its relationship to the body. Everett holds both a BFA and an MFA in metals and jewelry and has experience working as a goldsmith and bench jeweler. He approaches new materials and found objects with the eye of a jeweler, highlighting and exploiting the subtle, often invisible links between material histories and their connection to identity. His newest body of work, of which this brooch is a part, was created as resident artist at the Baltimore Jewelry Center. This piece is a combination of adornment made from vintage rhinestones, steel, and titanium exploring the tedious and precise process of stone setting. Trapping the soft glass rhinestones in steel and titanium is an almost Sisyphean attempt of patience—an act exploring how we preserve what is precious. Hoffman says of the work, "Re-creating versions of their costumed brethren I am constantly attempting to find where the original lay in the simulacrum of costume jewelry."

Image caption: Everett Hoffman, Neon Amethyst, 2019, brooch, vintage rhinestones, anodized titanium, silver, stainless steel, 76 x 51 x 19 mm, photo: Elliot Keeley and Baltimore Jewelry Center
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It's the Thought That Counts

It's the Thought That Counts is a book about the work of Kim Buck, starting in 1984 and ranging through 2007. Written by Jorunn Veiteberg, it comes in at 152 image-packed pages and is in both Danish and English.


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