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“This design is a redesign of a one-off necklace from 1998 with the same title, made with foil-sealed images,” explains Herman Hermsen. “The images printed are from photographs I made of old paintings and drawings by different old artists/painters in different historical museums. The material is aluminum with a print into the anodized surface, which is bright and very sustainable. This new necklace is developed as a multiple. Although it is a multiple, all chains are different in the composition of the images."

Image caption: Herman Hermsen, Tulips from Amsterdam, 2019, necklace, aluminum, photographic print, 12 links each 52 x 45 mm, photo: artist, Galeria Reverso
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Jewellery Em's 2017 catalog for the Sift Collection featured 21 sculptural and wearable rings made of bronze, some of which had negative intaglio sculptures in quartz, agate, and hematite, and miniature oil paintings.

Each ring represented a temple dedicated to the activity of sifting. The collection's ancient appearance served as a reminder that our roots are deeply hidden in the past and the reason we are still what we are is our understanding of the past.


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