Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Summer 2017 is now in full effect! What I love about the Summer time is that it isn't as hectic during this time of the year. There's time to do more traveling, have BBQ's and pool parties, go to the beach, and most importantly spend more time with family and friends.
With that being said, many homeowners are free to begin their projects that they could not start in the middle of the year. This past May the housing market broke records, with the national median home price jumping 6.8%. With fast-rising home prices and a record-low number of homes for sale, a lot of homeowners are choosing stay put and add in their new bathrooms and update their kitchens now. According to Metrostudy's National Activity Index, the index is up 4.5% compared to last year.
How are homeowners able to invest so much on their summer projects? With the low mortgage rates, most homeowners are opting for second loans, such as home equity lines of credit (HELOC). According to Black Knight Financial, HELOCs have been rising 10% year after year since 2016, with an average of $120,000 per HELOC at the end of last year. This newfound hosing wealth is allowing homeowners to invest in remodeling their homes. With this new 'Renovation Boom' turning homes into ATMs again this Summer, let us know if we can help you with any projects that you may have this Summer.

Kawika Kamai, Owner
Innovation At Home

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8 Ways to Transform Your Pool


Majestic Symmetry: convert an average pool into a rectangular pool that sits perpendicular to the house, rather than parallel, to give the yard a appealing symmetry, as well as elevating the spa at the head of the pool.
2 is Better Than 1: add a second pool that overlaps another, with a shallow ends & a vanishing edge that spills into the other pool. This multi-tiered design provides a safe play area for children while offering plenty of space for lounging and entertainment.
Serenity Now: add ironwood trees and de-clutter the landscaping. Introduce new decking and add overflow to all sides of the pool to create a lovely mirror effect.
Northwest Oasis: Transform your poolroom into a Zen retreat by ensconcing it in Western Red Cedar and slate tiles. Add sliding glass doors to create a seamless portal to the verdant outdoors.
Pool With a View: create a seamless transition from the backyard to your beautiful view by adding pebble interior, travertine decking, and a vanishing edge.
Dallas Dream: replace old concrete with travertine paver in a Versailles pattern. Add a raised spa, with a sheer descent waterfall, and an outdoor fireplace to set the mood when the sun goes down.
Modern Transformation: Give your pool a sleek, geometric look by framing it with oversized stone slabs and Mexican beach pebbles.
Perfect Hue: if your pool gives off an eccentric blue color that looks artificial, replace the interior finish to give the pool a more natural tone. Line the pool with stones and add a stone walkway to create an attractive walk to your sanctuary. 

These tips were provided by HGTV

How to Make a Herb Planter from a Wagon


What you'll need:

  • A Wagon
  • Hammer & Nails
  • Drill/Driver with 1/4 inch high-speed steel bit
  • Gravel
  • Potting Soil
  • Mulch




1.Drill Drainage Holes: start by making divots in the bottom of the wagon with a nail set. Using the divots as guides, drill through the metal with the ¼ inch high-speed steel bit.  



2. Line with Gravel: Line the wagon with a 1-inch layer of gravel to improve drainage and keep the holes from clogging.




3.Plant the Herbs: add potting soil, stopping 1 inch below the wagon's lip. Plant herbs with similar water and sun needs, and top with mulch. Finally wheel to a sunny spot and watch you new garden grow! 



    DIY project provided by This Old House

Innovation At Home Remodeling And Construction owner Kawika Kamai was born in Oahu, Hawaii and raised in Orange County California. Kawika possesses 20 years of industry experience starting as an apprentice which has allowed him to fully understand the complexity of the construction industry in regards to codes, standards, business management, and trouble shooting.  

Innovation At Home Remodeling and Construction was  founded in 2005 by Kawika Kamai and is a full service construction management and general contracting firm. We are a referral based business and are happy to provide you with references from our many satisfied customers.


We believe our key ingredients to success are Honesty and a Quality  product.  We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company who works closely with Homeowners, Real Estate Agents, Architects, Interior Designers, Management companies, Property Inspectors and the like. 

14 Creative Recipes to Stay Cool with an Ice Tray
(Photo Courtesy of Flickr)
Coffee Ice Cubes: Pour some leftover coffee into an ice tray, pop it in the freezer, and let it chill for 3-4 hours.
Mojito Cubes: These cubes are made of equal parts water, sugar, and lime juice. Leave some room to finish them off with rum and garnish each cube with a lime slice and shreds of mint leaves.
Fruit Juice Cubes: Freeze your juice of choice and add a slice of your favorite fruit.
Milk and Cookie Cubes: Use milk and oreos to create cookie rocks and add them to milk, iced coffee, or just eat them as is.
Wine Cubes: Because warm wine is gross, and watery wine is even worse.
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cubes: It's like strawberries dipped in chocolate fondue, but cooler. Eat them straight up, in hot chocolate, coffee, or a glass of milk.
Gin & Tonic Cubes: All you need is tonic water, gin, and lime juice... the ratios are up to you.
Chocolate Cubes: Melt your favorite chocolate in the tray, freeze it, then eat the chocolate in your drink.
Margarita Cubes: pour ¾ of margarita mix into the ice cube trays, then fill them to the top with fresh lemon juice, lime juice, and tequila.
Pina Colada Cubes: If you're feeling tropical add half pineapple juice and the other half coconut milk. Be sure to mix a little bit of rum if you want!
Mai Tai Cubes: fill your tray almost to the rim with OJ, and then top them off with your favorite white rum. Add a cherry in the middle for a surprise when the cube melts.
Mint-Infused Ice Cubes: Place a mint leaf in each cube and watch as your plain old ice turns into a bourgeoisie herb-infused delicacy!
For more ice cube recipes click HERE 


Newest Bathroom Makeover!

Innovation at Home completed a total bathroom remodel for our happy clients in Mission Viejo.

This remodel includes moving walls, and re-configuring the entire space. No project is too big or small for Innovation at Home.

We Love Beautifying our Clients' Homes! 

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I nnovation At Home's Gadget Pick of the Month:
Samsung Connect Home
(Picture by Engadget)

Samsung's new Smart WiFi System is being released this July and will feature a built in SmartThings hub, making it easy to connect to all smart gadgets. One unit can cover up to 1,500 square feet. The router supports mesh networking, allowing you to get your WiFi signal into every nook and cranny of your home. 

Learn more about it at Samsung

Vans US Open of Surfing

Continuing the tradition of competitive surfing in Huntington Beach since 1959, the Vans US Open of Surfing is one of the largest action sports festivals in the world. The highly-anticipated summer event will feature an exceptional entertainment experience, filled with world-class surf, skate and BMX competitions, in addition to the Van Doren Village, which will host art exhibitions and hands-on creative workshops for attendees.

Dates: July 29th - August 6th, 2017
Address: Huntington Beach Pier (CA-1 & Main St., Huntington Beach, CA 92648)

Click HERE for Schedule of Events!