Now one of the criminals hanging there reviled Jesus, saying, "Are you not the Christ?      Luke 23:35-43

A group of American tourists were on a safari in deep Africa. The women on the tour were fascinated by the jewelry worn by many, especially the unusual necklace of the chief.  “What is that made of?” asked one of the women. “Alligator teeth,” replied the chief. “Oh,” said the woman, “I suppose they have the same kind of value for you that pearls have for us.” “Not quite,” scowled the chief. “Anyone can open an oyster!”


Most of us would be quite content to settle for the oyster and its nice little pearl, but life demands that we face the alligator, looking it squarely in the eye, and pull its teeth. The alligator we have to face is nothing less than ourselves.


This weekend‘s gospel gives us a look inside two men, both thieves who had lived their whole lives with their eyes closed, never really knowing themselves. One who hung on his cross on the side of Jesus, clung to his lifelong habit of blaming others for his fate. He died in his anger and blindness.


The other thief broke the habit. He opened his eyes and saw the truth about himself. That truth freed him to ask for help from a God who have been waiting so long to give it to him. That same God looked at him and said, “This day you will be with me in paradise!” May God grant us the same grace to set aside our fears, to open our eyes to see what God sees in us. Then, on that day, our true destiny will begin. We will at last have begun to grow into the person God has dreamed for us to become from the day we were born.


Maybe it’s time we face the alligator.

Fr. Don



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