See You Tomorrow for the
Fourth of July Festival!
Message From President Buckley:

The 4th of July in Whitefish Bay is a special day and we're blessed to have many volunteers who step forward, from the Civic Foundation to the Auxiliary Police.
Last year I was thankful to lead the parade with outgoing Village President Julie Siegel. This year, I've been relegated to the back, as Parade Chair, so don't leave early!  I am honestly excited to have Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Dallet as our Parade Grand Marshal.  
I hope to see you tomorrow, and please join me in thanking all the volunteers who run the best show in town, and Sendik’s for lighting up our sky with fireworks.
Parade details, festival information, and rules/reminders can be found below. -kb

Parade Route:

Whitefish Bay’s Fourth of July parade will begin at 11:30 a.m. at the corner of Kent Ave. & Silver Spring Dr., then it will travel east on Silver Spring Dr., continuing north on Lake Dr. to Klode Park.

Rules and Reminders:

Show your community spirit and consideration by following the guidelines set out below.
  • We ask that blankets and chairs be placed along the parade route after 6:00 a.m. on July 4th.
  • During the parade, please keep children at the curb on the parade route. There are moving vehicles / large floats that can severely injure a child running into the street. 
  • Picnic tables cannot be removed from the fenced off picnic area at Klode Park. Please note that tablecloths do not “hold” a table. 
  • Limited space is available for private encampments on the south edge of Klode Park. Tents may be set up after 6:00 a.m. on July 4th. Please adhere to marked off areas in consideration of vendors that will need to access those locations. If during the day you wish to put up large umbrellas, awnings, or tents, please remove them prior to the fireworks.  ​
  • Blankets may be placed out for fireworks after 4:00 p.m. on July 4th. Please help us preserve the grass at Klode Park. No tarps are allowed and are subject to removal.          ​ 
  • Rule for personal fireworks: If it flies, if it explodes, if it causes fire on ignition or sustains fire, it’s illegal. Enjoy the Sendik’s fireworks show at the park! Leave it to the professionals and be considerate of your neighbors. 

Please join us in following these guidelines. Event volunteers are dedicated to providing an exceptional event but simply cannot enforce these policies in all instances. We ask that you go above and beyond to make room for your neighbors on the parade route, show consideration for those new to the community and the day's festivities, and help us to ensure the entire community can partake in the celebration.
Thank You Civic Foundation:
Village of Whitefish Bay | Phone: 414-962-6690 | Fax: 414-962-5651