June News 2017


Hey Cincinnati, join us on June 17 at our new location on Eastern Avenue for the 2nd Annual Tusculum Street Fest!  This year's event will feature live music, great local food, craft beer, kid's activities,  and much more!  

Proceeds will benefit the Riverview East Academy Food Pantry
 and  The 3 East Business Association Beautification Initiative.

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Summer Dance Camp for Kids 
with MamLuft&Co. Dance 

July 10-14 & 17-21, 2017

A full-day camp that teaches children to move creatively, cooperatively, and confidently! For boys and girls, MamLuft&Co. Dance's Cincinnati Summer  Dance Camp for Kids offers Modern Dance Technique and Ballet Technique  that de-emphasizes pink and princesses. Children will learn dance, make  props and "scenery" to accompany their dances, and prepare for a 
 Friday 3pm performance for parents!

9am - 3pm (drop off between 8:30am and 9:00am,
extended day supervision add-on available until 6pm)

July 10-14 - Clifton Cultural Arts Center 
(3711 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220)

July 17-21  - The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum 
( 3738 Eastern Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226)

for more information, please visit

Grow Your Own Veggies!

Rent a Plot in Our

Neighbors, the Community Garden is back for another year! 

if you are interested in renting a plot, please contact Rachel Mahan .


Join us for our 
Monthly Meeting

Monday, June 19, 2017
Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum

Questions? Please contact Kathie Hickey, CTCC President