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Dear #Positivity Friends,

There’s a song that was popular in the 1960s called “See you in September” that reminds me of how summer feels like such a long stretch ahead of you when it begins but seems like it lasted five minutes when it’s over. In my book, there’s just never enough of it.

That said, I’m always happy when my kids go back to school. They’re excited about seeing their friends and meeting their new teachers and I’m excited for our family life to settle back into the familiar rhythms and routines. I love thinking about all the things they’ll learn in the year ahead and how much they’ll grow—in inches and in their hearts and heads. 

Someone once said to me that school is wasted on the young, a twist on the old adage about youth. I guess it might be nice to have a do-over on school, knowing now what your real interests and abilities are. But it would be missing all the chaos and mystery and nuttiness the whole experience seemed to be through your eyes as a child. I don’t need to go back to school to appreciate all that—I’ll see it every day in my 10 kids until school lets out again next spring!

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With hope and positivity,

#Positivity® Stories

Vertical Farms

What does work-from-home revolution have to do with farming? Empty office space, of course. Many commercial buildings have remained deserted since the COVID-19 pandemic, but a company called Area 2 Farms wants to use those spaces to provide fresh, locally grown food to urban communities. Area 2 Farms developed Silo, a multi-level conveyor belt farming system designed specifically for indoor farming, that moves throughout the day to mimic plants’ circadian rhythm. The system was installed in an empty building in Arlington, Virginia that already had heating, air conditioning, and air quality systems in place, all of which is essential to approximating outdoor growing conditions. Jackie Potter, a co-founder of the Arlington farm says, “Cities are changing every day. This is a really great opportunity to create new green jobs, beautify spaces, and provide food to local communities.”

Truffles Wears Glasses

When you walk into the optical shop called A Child’s Eyes in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, you will probably be greeted by bespectacled Truffles, a fluffy, six-year-old tuxedo kitty, the shop’s Ambassador for Vision, and the employee of the month, every month. Shop owner Danielle Crull found Truffles as a stray kitten, brought her into the family, and eventually into the family business. Crull’s shop provides glasses to infants, toddlers, and elementary school-aged children, who are often scared or otherwise unhappy customers. Crull taught Truffles to wear her small frames at a young age, and now she stars in instructional videos and personally helps show children how to wear glasses and eye patches, all with the calming patience of a true ambassador. 

Fishing for the Mission

Many people find fishing on the open water to be relaxing and therapeutic, so it seems a natural choice of an activity for veterans who suffer from depression and PTSD. Founded by U.S. Air Force veteran Harold Skelton, Fishing for a Mission is a non-profit organization based in Cape Cod, Massachusetts that helps veterans adjust to civilian life through fishing. These outings bring a feeling of safety to the groups of veterans Skelton takes out on the water because they are with other people who understand their struggles. Skelton explained, “Fishing brings out conversation. You’re outdoors in the sunlight and there are all kinds of health benefits…and it gets your mind off things.”

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What do owls really know and what do we know about them? It turns out they do know a thing or two! Owls have been seen through the ages as symbols of wisdom and knowledge, but what do they really know and what do we know about them? Their nocturnal nature has always been shrouded in mystery, but Jennifer Ackerman seeks to demystify this creature by exploring the language, behavior, sociality, and the magic of owls, bringing them out of the darkness and into the light of day.  

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