OCTOBER 27 , 2021
Fellow Porsche Enthusiast......

For many of us it's time to get in those few driving days left before winter is upon us. It's getting close to the time when we tinker with them more than we drive them.

It's busy here at AC but I don't think I will ever understand the big ebbs and flows of an online business. I always try to analyze it but I always come up empty. There's also a lot of shifting interest in products and projects. For example, right now I seem to be spending most of my time restoring turn signals and, especially, taillights. I just shipped out 10 sets of F-series and G-series taillights. I appreciate it that restoration is strong though because it's what I enjoy the most. Makes me feel productive which is important to a Vermont Yankee.

OK, time to fire up the wood stove. It's getting chilly here on the Eastern Slope of the Cascades.

Gear low, Rev high.



We consistently have heavy demand for this AC Exclusive and I'm excited to report that after all of our scrambling we have found a large cache of these bulbs. So good supplies are on hand for you to upgrade your lighting before winter sets in.

AC High Performance Signal Bulb Kit

Increase the Brightness of Your Brake Lights & Turn Signals by 45%

While appearing stock, these bulbs increase the brightness of your brake lights and turn signals by 45%, adding greatly to your visibility.

They’re a great choice if you would like to have brighter turn signal and brake light bulbs but prefer a more traditional appearance than offered by LED bulbs. In addition to increased brightness, they have nickel-plated bases which are required in Europe for corrosion resistance.

We have assembled a kit with the all of the bulbs you need for both front turn signals and rear taillights to make it easy for you to upgrade your all important signal lights, especially your brake lights. And lower your anxiety a bit in stop and go traffic.


OK, safety isn't sexy. But, as a specialist in automotive lighting and electrical parts, it's a HUGE part of our company mission. Some of our best sellers in addition to the AC Bulb Kit listed above:

As the #1 builder of LED headlights for 6 years now we have helped light the way for nighttime driving for hundreds of Porsche owners.

This inexpensive little part protects your dashboard lighting from possible damage and expensive repairs.

Protects your expensive (and hard to find) headlight switch from failure.

The best halogen bulbs available as recommended by Daniel Stern, worldwide automotive lighting expert and AC consultant. The only halogen bulbs that we sell. We're not big fans of flashy packaging.

Even if 50+ year old headlamps such as Bosch H1's, Cibie Bi-Iodes and others might look good, reflectivity has been reduced by a substantial amount. Which equals dim lighting. Our vapor deposited aluminum restoration process brings them back literally better than new (the aluminum will never tarnish). Genuine vintage with modern performance.

Restoration of taillights not only provide a great improvement in the appearance of your car, they also increase safety. Brighter brake lights especially are a great safety feature given how many drivers are distracted.

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