The 2019 Legislative Session is Approaching

Last year, FRA launched the "Redevelopment Works" campaign to raise awareness about the importance of Florida's redevelopment and to advocate for CRAs as they help transform our communities. The campaign was ultimately successful, and the 2018 Legislative Session concluded with no changes passed to the laws that govern CRAs! 

It is expected that Florida CRAs will come under legislative attack again this session. So, as the 2019 Legislative Session quickly approaches, make sure to follow FRA to learn the current requirements, how to keep in compliance and what you and your community can do to promote the importance of CRAs. 

Let's show everyone once again why  #RedevelopmentWorks!

To learn more about the campaign, click here. Please note, w e will be updating this page as we have more resources and information.
FRA Awards Spotlight: Lake Worth CRA

The Lake Worth CRA won the  2018 Outstanding New Building Project Award   for Downtown Lake Worth Shops!  

By taking a foreclosed property from the bank and working with a private developer, the CRA was able to help assemble a large parcel of land near downtown, generate jobs (fulfilling a HUD National objective), create 10,000 square feet of retail space, spur development in an area that sat idle for over a decade and create a harmonious transition from the downtown to the new Lake Worth Arts District.

Congratulations, Lake Worth CRA and keep up the good work! 

To read more about this project as well as all of the award winners, 
Ridge League of Cities Chamber Advocacy Summit and Dinner
The Ridge League of Cities Board of Directors is hosting a Chamber Advocacy Summit and Dinner on Thursday, February 21, 2019 at the Bartow Civic Center.

This event will be an evening of learning and networking to discuss how to protect Home Rule and promote local decisions.

For more information or to RSVP, click here.
Delray Beach's Historic Fifth Avenue

The Delray Beach CRA has some wonderful new plans for 95th SW 5th Avenue and 98th NW 5th Avenue!

To encourage economic development, the Delray Beach CRA recently presented plans to develop two properties located on Historic Fifth Avenue

The first plan is for a commercial building at 95 SW 5th Avenue, currently a vacant property, and the second plan is to renovate 98 NW 5th Avenue into a commercial building, providing office space for small businesses. 

More information will be published, but we are thrilled to see this project and the Delray Beach CRA continue to move forward.

For more information on Delray Beach CRA's projects,  click here.
  The Latest RFPs and RFQs

Search the latest RFPs and RF Qs in the state of Florida, here.  

Landscape Maintenance Services -  Southeast Overtown/Park

The SEOPW CRA is seeking a qualified landscape
maintenance contractor to provide landscape 
maintenance services on SEOPW CRA owned/maintained properties.

For more information,  click here.
MyFRA's  Member Forum

Take advantage of MyFRA's Member Forum by asking  other FRA  members  for sample policies, best practices, practical tips/do's and don'ts  and more! 

See below the latest questions and don't forget to  post your answers today!
  • I am looking for more information on using Opportunity Funds for redevelopment in Opportunity Zones. Have any parameters been established for use of these funds?
  • Tarpon Springs needs to update our CRA Development Plan. I found many RFPs and RFQs, but am looking for ballpark estimates on the cost of doing the update for budget purposes. I realize costs can vary widely depending on the extent of the update, and our plan has not been update since 2001. If anyone could share what it cost for their update, I would truly appreciate it.
  • I am looking for property acquisition/purchase success stories from CRAs around the state. Has your CRA purchased and redeveloped property?
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