Health Center Opened October 4, 2016

It took 13 months to build and the result is a beautiful, well-equipped, functional facility. Our health team offers primary care, dental, and psychology services. 

More Patients Received Care in 2016

 3,694 patient visits at our primary care clinics

918 patient visits at our dental clinics

 266 patients received psychology services

Assisted 56 patients with special care

Our Patient Care fund helped 56 patients with the cost of lab tests,  x-rays, special medicine, transportation to and from appointments with specialists in Guatemala City, and life-saving surgeries.  Some diagnoses include cerebral palsey, spina bifida, neuroblastoma, cleft palate repair, kidney failture and malnutrition.

Pictured here is Fredy, 12, from Santa Rosa II.  We assisted Fredy with a wheel chair and 3 surgeries. Next he will be fitted with a prosthesis.  In 2017, he will walk for the first time in his life.

Catalina the day after cateract surgery.
"New Eyes" program helped 313 visually impaired

Dr. Greg Haskins from Fremont, Nebraska, conducted eye clinics in April and November. He fitted patients with glasses, diagnosed various eye problems, and identified 24 patients needing cataract surgery.  

Visiting groups treated 2,393 children and adults

Health care professionals, students, and volunteers, in partnership with Nursing Heart, Shared Beat, Florida Atlantic University, LAMP, Dr. Jack Armstrong, Dr. Don Dian, and University of South Dakota, conducted primary care clinics, cervical cancer screenings, a foot care clinic, and child wellness physicals.

2016 Graduates
45 students
 received scholarships

College, high school and junior high students received help to pay for books, supplies, uniforms, and tuition. Eleven graduated from high school in 2016.  

New Kitchen in Pacoxpon
4 elementary schools
 have improvements

Parents worked with us to build new kitchens, bathrooms, classrooms or a computer lab.  

Chapina stoves create healthy kitchens.
850 more families have 
a Chapina stove 

Women and children no longer suffer from life-threatening respiratory infections and moms don't have to worry about their children getting burned.  Cleaner air, healthier families, and less impact on the environment are all benefits of the Chapina Stove.

Running water in Sajcap
1,200 people have running
 water for the first time

Families in the remote villages of El Sargento II, Sacala, El Jocote, and La Majada now have access to running water for the first time. 

Juanita showing off her new compost latrine
A composting latrine
 is the place to go  

42 families now have a clean, safe, private composting latrine. This latrine does not use water, can be built close to the house, has no odor, and supplies compost the families can use as fertilizer.

Irma proudly displays her work 
More Teachers 
Received Classroom Support

     10 more teachers were trained in 2016 and received reading and math materials for kindergarten and first grade students. 

2016 Youthlinc Team

39  s tudents and mentors from Utah worked in Pacoxpon this year conducting sewing, hair cutting, hygiene and business classes for adults. In the schools they taught English and music. During their 2-week stay they poured cement floors in 37 houses and installed 37 Chapina Stoves.  

Your Team in Guatemala
Front row: Antonia Quevedo, Maria Lares, Telma Estrada, Dr. Alejandra Barahona, Johana Alburez, Aura Roc, Dr. Ligia Garcia. 
 Back row:  Lois Werner, Marlon Moran, Flor Caniz, Angel Garcia, Amilcar Vielman, Gaby Roca, Ken Werner