August 2020
Josh Hart, President of Airlift Doors, Inc shares a quick tour of our fully stocked warehouse!
Hey! Have you met Wanda? Employee Spot Light
Wanda Crews has been with Airlift Doors, Inc. for over 17 years! She started out working in the parts department, and then taking over as Office Manager. Wanda handles the Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable for Airlift, as well as overseeing the office staff of the parts and service department.

She worked at the Minneapolis service location for 16 years and just a year ago, left the city and bought a house in country, close to the office in Maple Lake.

Wanda enjoy fishing, spending time with family, working on her fixer-upper home & yard and bowling.
She is married, has two adult children and a boxer named Eddie.
The most common reason for freeze ups that are related to your carwash doors are typically associated with excess ice build up on your equipment.  Having proper heat in the bay is a critical component to reduce ice buildup.  

Another important component is the material of your door hardware. Most newer door systems have options for components that are less likely to conduct cold compared to your typical steel garage door components.  

Converting to materials other than steel will greatly reduce the amount of ice buildup on your hardware, such as plastic hinges, plastic track, or fiberglass materials.

Maintaining your weather seal around the doors is also another key step in protecting your equipment from the cold air outside when the door is down. If you are using pneumatic openers, it is a good idea to go with a drawbar style opener that is mounted on the ceiling to run your door. This way, the operator is out of the elements and because it is mounted to the ceiling it takes advantage of the rising heat to keep the operator warm at all times.  Operators mounted on the side of the door are more susceptible to the cold air entering the bay when the door cycles open.