Full house for “Unsettled Science: Gender Dysphoria in Adolescents and Young Adults" at the Wilmette Public Library

A full house at the Wilmette Public Library greeted Northwestern University professor Dr. Michael Bailey and former Brown researcher Dr. Lisa Littman on November 13th to hear their observations on gender dysphoria, including the recent and rapid rise in cases among teenage girls, sometimes described as Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD).
Bailey and Littman also spoke about their plans for research to better understand this phenomenon. To this end, they have formed the Institute for Comprehensive Gender Dysphoria Research (ICGDR). Click here for more information on the organization.

Talking about ROGD has proven to be controversial. Earlier this year Dr. Bailey's paper on trends in gender dysphoria was retracted from a professional journal because it suggested that a social component may partially explain the recent explosion of gender dysphoria among adolescent girls. Dr. Littman was run off Brown University’s campus for identifying the trend in 2018.

In the spirit of academic freedom and debate, NTN was glad to provide a forum where they could share their observations and plans for research with the public.

To support their work click here! Video of the program will be available soon!
Illinois Report Cards are out! Illinois Report Card is the "state’s official source for information about public schools across Illinois." Data is collected from schools by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and synthesized to provide metrics and information about schools throughout the state.

Beginning in 2018, ISBE began providing a metric titled "Summative Designation," which they call "a measure of progress in academic performance and student success."

New Trier was designated "Commendable" school, falling from the "Exemplary" status it held in 2022, 2020, 2019 and 2018 (in 2021 it was not calculated). There are five categories, with "Exemplary" being the best. New Trier claimed at the most recent board meeting that the lower score largely was due to its chronic absenteeism problem.

See the board meeting here. Presentation on the Illinois Report Card starts at 15:48.
Illinois becomes first state in America to go backward on school choice

"School choice in Illinois is dead. For now. The teachers unions were on a warpath to kill Illinois’ small tax-credit scholarship program and their Democratic allies weren’t willing to cross them. Gov. J.B. Pritzker, House Speaker Chris Welch and Senate President Don Harmon failed to call a bill to a vote this week to extend the program and with that, the Invest in Kids Act sunsets at the end of this year." Read more here at Wirepoints.org.

The Wall Street Journal weighed in on the demise of school choice in Illinois here.

Nearly 10,000 mostly low-income children will now lose scholarships that made it possible for them to attend a better-fit school, with tens of thousands more on waitlists to do the same. Congratulations, Illinois teacher's unions and politicians beholden to them.