Sixth Annual Ladies & Gents Mixed Doubles Event
A big thank you to Sara Lamberson and the Professional Disc Golf Association for hosting the Sixth Annual Ladies & Gents Mixed Doubles Event and for raising $5,180 for the Alliance!

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Everyone Can Be a Philanthropist 
By Nancy Cheney, Alliance Development

Anyone can be a philanthropist by donating through Midlands Gives. Schedule your gift ahead of time beginning April 23rd or make an online donation on
May 7th. Your donation enables the Alliance to continue to inform our citizens about cancer, cancer risk factors, screening services, and available resources. 

Together, we can reduce the impact of cancer on ALL people in South Carolina.
Thank you to our sponsors!

The breast cancer workgroup is implementing a comprehensive education program to increase breast and cervical cancer screenings for residents in transitional homes and public housing.

The transitional home in Spartanburg held its kickoff event on Monday, February 4th. Twenty women attended the event and Ashley Sprouse (Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute) and Pastor Jacqueline Talley (SC Witness Project) presented . The Spartanburg transitional home is currently promoting the Mobile Mammography Unit for March.

The Housing Authority annual meeting will be held on Friday, April 12th in Florence. The Alliance will present on the current efforts for the Housing Authority initiative. Also, breast cancer education sessions were held in Union and Darlington in March. Lastly, the workgroup is exploring additional funding opportunities to continue and expand the efforts in the Housing Authority.

This month the workgroup will launch the social media campaign, HPV Vaccination NOW: This is Our Moment. The workgroup is recruiting 30 parents who are active social media users and support the HPV vaccination. Participants will be invited to join a private Facebook group, receive bi-weekly emails with facts about HPV vaccination, and attend online webinars about HPV vaccination. Click here to view the recruitment flyer. Please share this flyer with your networks and email Beth Sundstrom  ( ) for more information. 

Dr. Amy Messersmith at Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy developed a training curriculum for student pharmacists to guide education and discussion about HPV and its vaccine. The first HPV Vaccination training was on Monday, March 4th. There were over 30 students in attendance and 5 additional students agreed to be a part of the community outreach program. Overall, the training went very well, and the students were extremely engaged with the program and eager to help

Lastly, the workgroup is developing the next HPV Vaccination grant application.
The colorectal cancer workgroup presented at several professional meetings including Working Well's (South Carolina Hospital Association) first quarterly meeting for 2019. These presentations highlighted the new Screen for Life Resource Toolkit on the Alliance's website ( ). The toolkit provides printable fact sheets, posters, post cards, and brochures; images and suggested posts for social media; an interactive quiz; a matte article ready to publish in a newspaper or newsletter, and more. These materials were developed by CDC's Screen for Life campaign.

The workgroup provided a Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month social media toolkit to various partners and organizations involved in the faith-based initiative. These materials were adapted from George Washington University Cancer Center. Thanks to George Washington University Cancer Center for allowing the Alliance to utilize this information.

Also, the Alliance is partnering with DHEC's Division of Cancer Prevention and Control to educate employees at the Boeing Company on various cancers, cancer risk factors, and lifesaving screening tests.

Dr. Jan Eberth (University of South Carolina) and Dr. Anthony Weaver (University of Kentucky) will present at South Carolina Academy of Family Physicians Summer Break Away in June 2019. Their joint presentation will address lung cancer epidemiology, lung cancer risk factors (nationally and in SC), lung cancer screening guidelines, and screening costs/insurance reimbursement.

On Thursday, February 28th, twenty volunteers helped distribute the report,  Cancer In South Carolina, 20-year Trends in Incidence, Mortality, and Survival, to every member of the General Assembly. Each member also received a one-page report summary and Henry Well’s business card for follow up. 

The Alliance created a new email address ( ) to notify workgroup members about federal, state, or local legislation that will impact the important work around cancer prevention and early detection. The goal is to provide a brief update while also asking members to take action. 

The prostate cancer workgroup will host a one day prostate education workshop. This event will take place on April 27th in Florence, SC from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The workshop will include topics on the importance of prostate health and nutrition, the story of a prostate cancer survivor, and the opportunity to talk with a health care provider. To register, call 803-777-1502 or email (by April 24th).

The survivorship workgroup has confirmed the agenda and secured the speakers
( Dr. Sage Bolte , Dr. Julia Rowland , Dr. Thomas Rapisardo , and Natalie Garces ) for the survivorship evidence academy scheduled for May 17, 2019. Also, the third annual cancer survivorship patient workshop in Fort Mill is scheduled for September 14, 2019. Attendees will learn about healthy coping skills and effective methods for communicating with their health care provider.
Visit Charleston Physicians to learn more about our colorectal cancer initiatives.