R&D Technologies is hosting a J850 webinar this February. See the Stratasys J850 live in action and learn how it impacts our 3D parts business.
Using our new and improved rapid quoting tool, customers have the ability to get exactly what they want out of their 3D models.
Our service bureau boasts some of the most advanced additive manufacturing machines on the market, including FDM and PolyJet technologies. Talk to our application engineers today and decide which machine and materials best suit your build.
Our company newsletter gives you a quick glance at new advances within R&D Technologies and in the additive manufacturing industry as a whole.

The 3D Printing Materials Market - A forecast for the next ten years in innovation and financial developments for the 3d printing materials market.

Advanced Bone Material For J750 - Explore some of the latest material releases for the Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy printer. This machine can create unique medical models to help leading surgeons become more effective.
Everyone at R&D was just amazing. They tackled this project from the very beginning and were wonderful people to work with...What they have done has given me incredible peace of mind. I can’t say enough about what they have done for us.

Kate Tokarski
Independent Client