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You've Got Questions/ We've Got Answers
A few questions came up during the Town Hall Meeting and we wanted to make sure we addressed these quickly for you.

  • If a nearby community considers joining the VWOA, does our membership get to vote on the proposition?

The answer is yes; as per the Business Organization Code the membership would have the right to vote on such a matter. A t least two-thirds of the votes that members present in person or by proxy are entitled to cast at the meeting at which the action is submitted for a vote, if the corporation has members with voting rights.

  • A homeowner asked-How is the Board going to address the state of the arterial fencing?

The Board expressed the need for a Strategic Plan and a Strategic Plan Committee to lead the way and help come up with the long-term planning for the use of the Associations funds. In doing so, this can help the Board make a better determination with regard to prioritization of facility and community needs.

  • The Board was asked- Can the policy for not attaching fence lines to columns necessarily be applicable to all of the VWOA households, or could this be changed?

The Board did respond that they would like to research this and get back to the homeowners once they have further looked into this.
In the October newsletter within the Community Manager's article, some miss information was noted. We want to correct this and refer to the correct standards for the replacement of the fencing on the major streets. The fence material that should be used in these areas is cedar. Please review the following from the "Standards for Architectural Design and Property Maintenance. "

6.5.6 Wooden Fencing and Staining along Major Streets

Wooden fencing and staining along major streets that border individual lots on Military Drive West, Westcreek Oaks, Westcreek View, Grosenbacher Road, Potranco Road and Talley Road shall be maintained according to the following (Reference Administrative Resolution 32): a. Fences must be vertical and eight (8’) feet in height or as originally built by the builder/developer. Repairs are the Homeowner’s responsibility, therefore, if any wood other than cedar is proposed, a PIA must be submitted to the ARC for prior review and possible approval . The type of wood and picket widths six (6”) inches shall not be mixed. b. Brick columns that support the fencing are also the Homeowner’s responsibility. Repairs must match the original color of the brick and design. c. The stain that is used for all wooden fencing that faces the major streets throughout our Community is determined by the VWOA. Removal of graffiti from the fencing on residential properties that face minor streets is the responsibility of the Homeowner, and those that face the major streets are the responsibility of the Association (Reference Administrative Resolution 32). 

We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused with regard to the previous information placed on the newsletter.

Big thanks go out to our vendors who participated in our Town Hall Meeting!!!

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