Highlights from our graduating classes, high school and more
A new year starts

Welcome to the first newsletter of the new school year.

If there is one thing I have noticed this year it has to be the passion of our teachers shining through. One teacher told me how she sold her home cooking over the summer to raise extra money for classroom resources and how her husband helps to make the posters that decorate her classroom. Another spoke about how important it is for her to get the basic ideas firmly in her student's minds, as she knows how much the rest of their learning is built on that foundation. A third could not help but smile as she talked of her many years of teaching experience and her strategies for getting the whole class learning.

We are truly blessed to have these wonderful teachers at our school.

I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into life at our school and see the passion coming through. If you'd like more information, please join our facebook page, which features updates at least once a week.
School's back in session
It's always a delight to have the students back in school after the summer holidays.

The freshly painted classrooms look incredible with all the posters up, and the students are smiling and happy to be back.

Holy Cross Day
Early September also marks Holy Cross Day, where we remember the founding of our school 11 years ago. Standard 6 students presented the history of the school, a model of the school and performed our school song and school prayer.

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New teacher
Albina Morales has joined our staff, bringing a wealth of experience from her 40 years teaching in village and major town schools in the Corozal area.

She is a strong believer in a quiet, focused classroom and that every student should do their best at whatever they are doing.

She enjoys teaching at Holy Cross and we are very glad to have her.
September events
September is a month of celebration in Belize, as the local calendar marks the Battle of St George's Caye and Independence Day.

To this we added a few celebrations of our own, including Holy Cross Day (above), Literacy day, pictured, and a special flag raising ceremony. We also enjoyed a special church service with Rev Linda Moguel of the Anglican Diocese of Belize.
Wish list
The wish list on our website has been completely overhauled and simplified, and now lists just the things we need most, rather than the hundred or so things we need on an ongoing basis. So please, do take a look. And PLEASE, if you know of anyone heading to Belize, tell them about us. These supplies make a huge difference to our ability to help the children and word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of letting potential visitors know about the school.

Our top wish-list items are:
  • Pocket folders. In our breeze/fan cooled classrooms storing paper securely is essential.
  • Crayons
  • Filler paper
  • Wide tip permanent markers
  • Printer Ink: Canon CLI -221 gray link here . Our printer refuses to work until we get some.

Thank you once again for celebrating our successes with us, and continuing to support this great school. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

We wish you a productive and happy fall.

Lydia and the team at Holy Cross
Holy Cross Anglican Primary School| holycrossbelize@gmail.com | holycrossbelize.org