March 16, 2018 eBrief
Attorney wins $60,000 for mom of child with disabilities
Attorney  John  Graves  filed civil and contempt motions to get an ex-husband to pay his property settlement.

Once the ex-husband realized he was facing jail time, he agreed to pay more over a shorter period of time." John is an exceptional person with a kind heart," the client said. "If it was not for the BBVLP Help Desk, I would have never gotten help."
AmeriCorps week honoreesAmeriCorps
BBVLP celebrates our valued AmeriCorps service members for their dedicated service to our mission! 

From left to right: Jasmine Fells , Jessica Chang , and Memri Williams .

Rosemary Alexander,
Shunnarah Injury Lawyers, 
Louvenia Borom (left), Borom Law Firm,  Tom Brinkley, Maynard, Alan
Garner Kendra Johnson,
Loring Jones, Glenn Mazer,  Vincent Nelan, Baker, and  Honza Prchal, Heninger Garrison.
Thanks Domestic Relations Court volunteers
Courtney Brown Dubberly (left), Sandi Gregory, Megan Elder, Kirk Drennan, Stephanie Hunter, Hunter Law Firm, Susan McAlister, John Milledge, and Frances Nolan, Nolan Byers. 
Thank you Domestic Relations Help Desk attorneys 
Louvenia Borom, Borom Law
Firm, Bob Dow Maynard,
Melinda Guillaume , Kendra Johnson, Kelly Knight
(right),  Gorham & Knight,
Susan McAlisterJohn Milledge, Joi Travis, Travis Law, and Pam Weed.
Thank you Veterans Help Desk volunteers
Judge John Carroll,
Cumberland School of Law, 
Laura Collins, Baker, Leigh Anne Fleming, Baker, Alan Garner Doug Friedman ,
Glenn Mazer ,   Gerri Robinson ,   and  Buzz Veal.
This mother needs help getting her security deposit after leaving her apartment with her children because of a gas leak the landlord refused to fix.  

This senior citizen needs help stopping an old landlord from incorrectly reporting she was delinquent paying rent. The woman cannot obtain safe housing because of the old landlord's report.
Help this mother of two divorce her spouse
who is incarcerated for gun related violations. 
This homeless mother of a 3-year-old needs help through her divorce from her violent husband.