CMO Now Offers Telehealth Visits
Dear Patients and Families, 

We are very pleased to announce that all of our providers at CMO are available to provide telehealth visits! We have specific hours during the week when each of us will be offering this service and our front desk staff can help you schedule the visit appropriately. 

At this time these visits are for med checks, simple rashes, and some other straightforward clinical complaints. We are NOT doing well visits via Telehealth.

In order to schedule a telehealth visit, you need the following:
An active MyChart account. If your child is 13+ years old they need their own account.
A phone/ipad/computer with video and audio capability 
Zoom downloaded on your device

It is VERY important that if you are scheduled for a telehealth visit, you log in to MyChart at least 15 minutes PRIOR to the visit. There are consent forms that need to be signed in advance of the visit. 

You MUST enter the visit through the Epic App - it cannot be entered through our website link or windows browser. 

Our psychologists are also offering telehealth visits! If you have an established relationship with one of them, you can contact them directly via their email. If you need to schedule a new intake, please call our front desk or message your primary care provider via MyChart and we can facilitate this connection. 

Looking forward to “seeing” you online,

The Providers and staff at CMO