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October 2023 News

We're Facilitating Employment Opportunities

For Everyone

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. As organizations’ plans unfold this year and next, we encourage them, and everyone, to recognize that employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) is a viable option that advances diversity and equity.

DDRC’s Employment and Technology Support Services team (pictured here) is fiercely committed to advocacy and choice in all areas, including employment for people with IDD. Our team works alongside the people they support to help them discover their passions, develop their skills, and access the tools and support they need as they travel their employment path.

This work also requires building relationships with potential employers and being a consultant and touchpoint with the career seeker’s family, coworkers, and supervisors, so we can all work as a team to create a winning employment relationship.

At DDRC, we are determined that people with disabilities be considered for any job. To help make this happen, we have been exploring, expanding, and developing relationships with a widening group of employers. As a testament to the fact that people with disabilities have diverse interests and skills – just like everyone else—they work across a wide variety of business and industries. This graphic shows many of the industries where people we support are currently working.

If you’re interested in hiring, please contact our Employment Services Assistant Director at If you want to explore a career or grow in your current one, contact Heather and her team or reach out to your case manager to see your options.

Quality Living Options

“There’s no place like home” Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz, acknowledging its special importance. For an adult with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), having a place to call home may require funding, as well as extra support that respects and nourishes a person’s unique needs and desires. That’s the supportive approach DDRC takes in its residential services for people with IDD, as we work to provide a place to call home that best meets each person’s needs with the resources and settings available.

Our residential services fall under DDRC’s “Quality Living Options” (QLO) department -- and quality living is what we strive to deliver.

Currently DDRC serves 156 people across various residential service models, including staffed independent settings (apartments), host homes, family caregiver settings, and group homes. We provide residential services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Over a year that adds up to more than 8,400 hours of residential support!  That’s a big lift, but fortunately, we have people like Mamadou, a Direct Support Professional (DSP) who serves as a Lead Counselor in DDRC’s Residential Services. 

With 15-years at DDRC, Mamadou is known for his positive demeanor, his ability to meet people where they are, and to develop a relationship based on their values and needs. His work exemplifies the tenets and competencies of the Code of Ethics of the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP). NADSP is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities by elevating the status of the people who support them – the DSPs – by cultivating their professionalism, skills and value system. DDRC is proud to be a member of this organization, and to elevate these skills and values that distinguish us and our services.

Mamadou is one of the hardest working professionals in our organization. He is trained to work at all QLO residential settings, and he routinely fills in at a variety of residences to ensure coverage, while also fulfilling responsibilities as a Lead Counselor at one of our group residential settings.

Does someone need to be picked up? Mamadou’s on the way. A new medication needs to be delivered? Mamadou’s your guy. Last minute sick call? You guessed it, Mamadou is there.

When helping someone to resolve an issue with a cell phone company, Mamadou advocated for this person by supporting their involvement in the resolution. He didn’t speak for the person; he spoke alongside this person, demonstrating “Participant Empowerment,” part of the NADSP Code of Ethics. He provided them with the information and support necessary to assert themselves, thereby building their self-esteem and empowering their decision-making.

An individual in one of our residential settings needed significant surgery and needed to be temporarily relocated to another one of our settings to better meet their post-surgery needs. Mamadou, along with other staff, took extra steps to meet the physical and mental health aspects of this change, which otherwise may have been scary and unsettling. Due to their efforts, this person had a successful recovery and returned to their home. 

Like Mamadou, we are committed to offering person-centered supports that make a home a home, and to offer a variety of residential service options to meet the diverse needs, hopes and dreams of the people we serve. That’s what quality living options are all about! 

Learn More: contact DDRC QLO at and contact your case manager to learn about all the residential service options you may have.

Advocacy and Connecting

The 23rd Annual Indoor Legislative BBQ was a night of connecting and learning from each other as we gathered with local, state, and federal elected officials or their staff, and heard brief speeches from candidates for Jefferson County School Board and Mayor of Lakewood, Golden and Westminster. DDRC, Seniors Resource Center, Family Tree and Jefferson Center appreciated the opportunity to share presentations of our work and impact, and we thank all the guests, officials and speakers who joined us.

The Legislative BBQ is also a way for participants to call for policy and legislation. DDRC advocates through other channels too.

We are members of Alliance and ANCOR, statewide and national nonprofit associations respectively, who represent the interests of the IDD community, and whose government relations teams confer with legislators to shape policy.

Through our DDRC staff, we also have representation on workgroups and committees such as the Alliance Government Relations committee, the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing’s Host Home Oversight Committee, and the Colorado Department of Early Childhood, and their Early Intervention (EI) Task Force and EI Workforce Investment committees.


As circumstances and expectations in our county, state and country change, DDRC’s advocacy seeks to point the policy and legislative response in a positive direction for the IDD community. 

Your Voice – Your Vote Matters 

On November 7, local elections will be held to determine who will lead as Mayor of various cities in our service area, and in Jeffco, there will be a county-wide election for the Jefferson County School Board. All Jefferson County voters will have the opportunity to cast their vote for School Board for up to one candidate per director district (more here).  

Please take the time to learn about these candidates and vote. But as a first step: is your voter registration up to date? If you have moved, you need to update your registration. Is there someone you know who is eligible to vote but hasn’t registered? Please invite or encourage them to register. For information, go to the Colorado Secretary of State web site and to your County Clerk and Recorder for information. 

In Jefferson County, the Clerk and Recorder’s Office, through Clerk Amanda Gonzalez, has voter registration information on their web site, and staff available in-person. This year, your Jeffco vote-by-mail envelope will include a Jeffco-specific "I Voted” sticker, and it’s also available for people who vote in-person. The design was voted on by Clerk & Recorder staff and features a beautiful Jeffco sunset over the foothills. Wear it proudly if you’re a Jeffco voter, and no matter where you live, make your voice heard by voting. 

The Lighter Moments of Our Deep Appreciation

Each September DDRC celebrates Direct Support Professionals Week, but honestly, these positions are so crucial to people with IDD and their families, that they deserve recognition and appreciation year-round.

Our week was filled with fun touchpoints and gestures that only scratch the surface of our deep gratitude for these key members of our team! Here are a few pictures of DSP staff at our Walters and Weiland facilities, and some with our Executive Director, Rob DeHerrera.

And would you or someone you know like to work with our spirited and dedicated teams? See how you can make a difference in one of our open positions: APPLY

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The King Soopers Community Rewards program makes donating to DDRC easy, based on the shopping you do every day. Just create a digital account on the King Soopers page, then sign up for the rewards program and link your shopper’s card to DDRC as the rewards recipient. Once signed-up, just swipe your shopper’s card at check-out, and King Soopers donates a percentage of sales to DDRC. You’ll be helping DDRC and our services while doing something you do anyway—grocery shopping!

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Members:Hold the Evening of Oct. 25 for

Annual Meeting & Awards

DDRC will hold our Annual Corporation Meeting for members, on Wednesday, October 25, from 6- 7:30 p.m. with dinner, awards, reflections from leadership, election of Board of Directors, and a brief business meeting. Members include people who have been determined eligible for DDRC services and their families. The awards presentations are uplifting and enjoyable and we hope members will join us to honor awardees! Please check your past email for further details and a link to register, which is required.

Sip your way into October

Oomp- papah; it’s October and plenty of local breweries will be celebrating fall.

Did you know you can partake in the local celebrations and help DDRC along the way? Swig & Sport offers buy-one-get-one deals in their membership package, allowing members to strengthen the local community while enjoying a beverage at one of the many participating establishments. 

Swig & Sport

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Sharing Our Story in the Community

DDRC participates in various events to share what we do with the community, to provide information and resources, and to encourage the world to be more welcoming to people of all abilities. Some of our recent outreach included:

  • The Arc Jefferson Clear Creek & Gilpin Counties' Summit of Hope

  • Visiting with West Metro Chamber members and their families at Putt'er There event

  • Speaking to the Women in Business chamber group

Case Management Redesign

If you're currently receiving Case Management Services from DDRC please watch our web site and for emails or postal communications over the coming weeks and months for further information and updates on Case Management Redesign.

Case Management Redesign (CMRD), a required statewide initiative, will create one place to go in each catchment area for case management services for all Health First Colorado Members accessing Long Term Support and Services (LTSS), including all Medicaid waivers.

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