We ARE making a difference in the community!

At  H.O.P.E. for Animals   it is our MISSION to eliminate the preventable euthanasia of companion animals and community cats by providing
high-quality low-cost spay/neuter and wellness services, by supporting rescue and by promoting responsible pet ownership.

Here's what YOU made possible in 2018
H.O.P.E. for Animals performed

11,723 dog/cat spay/neuter surgeries
2,876 Community Cat surgeries
5,294 shelter dog/cat surgeries

H.O.P.E. for Animals provided

15,715 vaccinations
5,391 microchips

In 2018 we reached a milestone goal of providing  over 80,000 free or
low-cost surgeries  since opening our doors in 2010!

Thank you to everyone who used our services and made sure their
beloved pets stayed healthy in 2018!

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Did you know...
On average,  H.O.P.E. for Animals  receives 1 phone call every minute during our open hours (8am-5pm).

In 2018, we returned 13,133 voicemails! WOW!

Please be patient with us. We are working as fast as we can! Also, a HUGE thank
you to our front office team who do such
an amazing job answering all of the
phone calls!
FVRCP - Why you SHOULD vaccinate your cat
The Feline Distemper Vaccination (FVRCP) is an important part of your cat's yearly routine. It prevents three potentially deadly airborne viruses: Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Panleukopenia. In this infographic you can read about each disease and learn how important it is to vaccinate your cat!

These three viruses can be contracted by cats at any age . Kittens should receive their first FVRCP vaccination at 8 weeks of age, followed by three booster shots once a month. Adult cats should receive a booster once every year. Adult cats with unknown vaccination records should receive a FVRCP vaccination, plus a booster to be safe.

H.O.P.E. for Animals  offers this important vaccination for only $16!

These viral infections are SERIOUS and can be prevented through vaccinations. Please vaccinate your pets -- it's cheaper in the long run.
You don't want to miss this!
Sunday, February 17 , American Legion Post 47 will be hosting an event for H.O.P.E. for Animals! The money raised during this event will go towards providing
a FREE vaccination clinic for veterans' pets!

Tickets are $5 and include dinner. You can purchase your tickets at the H.O.P.E. Clinic or the American Legion Post 47.

There are chances from 2-5pm to win cash prizes. You need not be present to win!
How We Help Pets & People In Need
"This place was amazing. Very professional. The people were very nice. They care very much about animals. The place is very clean. They also offer a wellness clinic for your animals. I took my male cat in to be neutered. They gave him shots and even put in a microchip, all for a very low price. They did a wonderful job on my cat. I can see why people were lined up. I highly recommend this place."

Google Review
Look how many animals we helped in December!
December 2018

H.O.P.E. for Animals provided

853 spay/neuter surgeries
461 pets visited our Wellness Clinic

In 2018, we have provided
11,723 spay/neuter surgeries!

Do you shop at Kroger?
Supporting H.O.P.E. for Animals has never been easier! Just shop at Kroger and scan your registered Kroger Plus Card!
Here's how to enroll:

2) Sign into your online account or create an account
3) Find and select H.O.P.E. for Animals and click "enroll"

Our Kroger Code is JJ032
Save the Dates for 2019!
Home and Garden Show - Feb. 28th - Mar. 3rd
Parrot Heads for Paws - Apr. 27th
Pedal for Paws - May 18th
Hip to Snip Fur-Ball Bash - Sep. 28th
Feline Fall Festival - Oct. 12th

Interested in Sponsoring one of our events?
Send an email to mreiter@hfafw.org
Donate Today!
H.O.P.E. for Animals is a 501c3 nonprofit. We are reliant on donations and grants to operate. With support from friends like you we are able to help thousands of families and pets each month.

Please consider making a gift today. Learn More
We are proud to share with our supporters that we have partnered with the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne to form an endowment fund for H.O.P.E. for Animals. This fund will create an ongoing source of income for our organization so that we can continue our charitable work for many years to come.

Would you consider making a legacy gift to our cause? When you make a legacy gift, you are demonstrating your commitment to our mission that is saving lives every day. H.O.P.E. for Animals is dedicated to working with donors who are considering, or who have made plans, to leave a gift in their will, trust, or by beneficiary designation. Your gift can be made in honor or memory of a loved one or pet, and deepens your commitment to improving the lives of animals in our community and surrounding communities. 

To learn more about legacy giving, please reach out to our
Executive Director, Allison Miller, at AMiller@hfafw.org.
Thank you for donating!

A donation was made in memory of:

Helen Railing
~C. Railing

Don & Evelyn Felger
~J. Nodine

Kaycee Robbins
~D. Robbins

Raven Andrews
~D. Andrews

Sharon Bodenhafer
~P. Kite

Paul H. Smith
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~W. Hitt

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~Officers & Members of IBEW Local 723
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~D. Dick

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~Signature Medical Group

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~J. Zimmer

Ramsey Kaiser
~K. & K. Kaiser

Bobby & Toby
~P. Gerkin

Sasha & Brooklyn
~M. Johns

Penny & Buddy
~M. Walter

Charlie, Cricket and Berney
~M. & R. Nicolet

Fancy Girl
~D. & C. Covert

~M. & J. Mason

~D. Zirzow

Penti the Cat
~Larry Dearing & Associates

~Mamaw & Papaw

Minnie Rodriguez Mirdwaldt
~M. Verner

~S. Rhoads

Oreo - M. Winscott's Cat
~A. MConnell

Gunny & MoJo
~D. & S. Dyarman

Lakota, Dexter and Sage
~M. Vaughn

Our Beloved Dachshund Sorr
~L. & D. Mattley

All those who have brightened my life
~C. Hodge

All that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge
~C. Kratzert-Walls

All of the pets that have passed through my life
~M. Brown

A donation was made in honor of:

Stevie Scherrer
~A. Scherrer

Angela Lord & Diana Faris
~M. Gross

Rhea Adams - For her hard work
~C. Cutler

Linda Dent
~M. & F. Feitler

Mary Huntley
~B. Linden

Barb Johnson - In behalf of Barb's Retirement
~Nurses of Fort Wayne Med. Education Society

Our Lord Jesus Christ
~S. Brattmiller

Max Caggiano
~L. Caggiano

~M. Winscott

~M. Ankenbruck

All Animal Lovers
~G. Shinn

Utah - English Mastiff Puppy
~R. Morris

Harley the Dog & Milo the Cat
~L. Bodie

Our Cats H.O.P.E. Has Helped
~A. & C. Stefanski

All my adopted cats & dogs
~S. Shilts
H.O.P.E. for Animals

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