Volume 18 | February 12, 2021
BHA Principal's Update
Assalamu Alaikum Dear BHA families,
It was a pleasure seeing you and our students at the 100th day drive thru event. We would like to thank our PTO for their tireless efforts in making this successful event possible. Masha'Allah, the students welcomed their gifts with such excitement, and were so happy to see their Teachers and fellow classmates. May Allah bless all of the PTO members, parents and staff for their time and efforts in bringing a smile on the face of our students.

I have included a short video message for you below.

Have a wonderful and blessed 4-day weekend and we will see you all back on virtually on Tuesday, Feb. 16th Insha'Allah.

Muhammad Aftab Diwan, MEd
In honor of Black History Month, BHA would like to relate the story of Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori, an African prince and Amir who was captured in the Fouta Jallon region of Guinea, West Africa and sold to slave traders in the United States in 1788. Down below you will find a short summary of his life and short trailer of the film production "Prince Among Slaves" portraying his life's journey.
"Prince Among Slaves tells the story of Abdul Rahman, trilingual, a military general and heir to a West African nation the size of Great Britain, who did not return to Africa for 40 years. In that time, he toiled on Foster's plantation. He married a fellow slave, Isabella, and they had nine children. Gradually, he also became the most famous African in America, attracting the support of President John Quincy Adams and Secretary of State Henry Clay. Abdul Rahman returned to Africa at the age 67, only to fall ill and die just as word of his return reached his former kingdom. Throughout a life of Shakespearean dimensions, Abdul Rahman maintained his dignity and hope for the freedom of his people." (upf.tv/films/prince-among-slaves/)
Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori
Student Highlights: Omar Aly

I wanted to give a shoutout to Omar Aly! His dedication to his studies and his physical health has been inspiring. He is brave enough to ask questions when he needs support and works incredibly hard to ensure he completes his work at a high level. He is willing to put in the time and effort needed to be successful, which includes attending office hours, staying late in class when necessary, and independently reviewing his grades to make sure they are where he would like them to be. On top of being an academic role model, he is also very conscious of his physical health. He is intrinsically motivated to workout until his legs feel like jello, with the hopes that he becomes the best version of himself mashaAllah. Keep up the excellent work!

~ Mr. Muhammad
100th Day Projects from Ms. Monica's Hobbits
A Note From The Teacher:

I am so proud of Anayah for her increased participation during zoom. She is blooming and is showing extreme efforts in her academics Mash'Allah. I would like to highlight Abdullah for his patience during class. He is an amazingly patient student Mash'Allah. Abdullah, I love it when you greet me on zoom. Also, shout out to Kareem for his brilliance in math. He is a math whizz in class Mash'Allah. 
~Ms. Asma

January Character trait: diligence

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