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Customers are passionate about the possibilities in the new Cobo Center!

Our customers are excited about the new Cobo Center, a new center rising. New rates, new rules, new attitudes create the foundation for customer service excellence. Our $279 million renovation is nearly complete, making Cobo a world class, value driven facility. Click on the videos below to see what our customers are saying. Their enthusiasm is contagious!


Niel Golightly talks about why the Shell Eco-marathon event is a good fit for Cobo Center

Welcome to a place where you can be part of something. Where a city and a center are transforming. A place where you can actually feel good about a meeting. Where people go out of their way for you because that's what we do. Because here, you matter.


What matters to you? Value? Service? sustainability? We get it. We have reinvented this city and center for you.


John Graham of ASAE talks about Cobo Center as the site for 2015 ASAE

For more information, a tour or a visit to the tasting room in our new 8,000 square-foot state-of-the-art kitchen, call Greg DeSandy at 313-877-8214 or email