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At CRCC, our innovative services provide all children, special needs and typical peers alike, the opportunity to find security, support and mutual understanding. We give families access to a range of support and tools that allow them to prove what’s possible every single day, and with your help, we can continue to be a source of empowerment for years to come.
A gift of any amount will help us reach this goal. With your generosity, our children and young adults can continue reaching their fullest potential. 

$50 helps CRCC purchase groceries for a week for each classroom. Did you know that we have a chef at each of our locations? They prepare each meal and adapt it to the needs of each child. While an entire classroom is eating the same meal, there can be a number of children who consume that meal in different ways and textures. 

$100 helps support our Life Skills program. This summer, our school-age friends started practicing customer service by creating a lemonade stand inside our centers. Since then, our program has expanded and continues to teach our school-age friends valuable life skills. 

$250 supports our nursing team. CRCC’s nurses monitor, assess and provide necessary, client-specific interventions that enable children to be at their healthy normal — and just enjoy being a kid. 

$500 goes toward CRCC scholarships. CRCC does not turn away families due to financial reasons. We understand that finding care for children of different abilities can be challenging, so we help families offset the cost of care with our scholarships.

The Importance of Schedules and Routines
Familiar activities can provide comfort for both adults and children during challenging and uncertain times. Just like adults, children feel more confident and secure when their daily activities are predictable and familiar. A consistent daily schedule and step-by-step routines give children a predictable day. Schedules and routines in a group care setting and at home help children:
  • Feel in control of their environment
  • Feel safe, secure and comfortable
  • Know what is happening now and what comes next
  • Know how to do an activity or task
  • Engage in learning

From Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center, 2020.
Navigating IEPs: Resources for Parents
The beginning of a new school year can often be a stressful time for parents and kids. For parents of students with special needs, this stress can be compounded by the pressures of the IEP process. With that in mind, CRCC partnered with the Education Rights Counsel to provide a one-hour Zoom information session designed to help parents navigate the process and establish a successful IEP.

Thank you to all who were able to join us for this educational session. We hope this session helped you feel more confident when it comes to your child's IEP. If you were unable to join us, click the button below to watch the full, one-hour meeting.

The session featured Lauren Micek Vargas, JD, executive director of the Education Rights Counsel and Elizabeth Eynon-Kokrda, JD, managing attorney.
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