Volume 16 | January 24, 2021
BHA Principal's Update
Assalamu Alaikum Dear BHA families,
Alhumdulillah sometimes it seems things get worse before they get better. That seems to be the case as the COVID cases have significantly risen. However, we are seeing things coming to settle with the vaccine distributions. The educators are next phase/group of vaccine recipients which will insha' Allah, enable us to start planning for school return. May Allah help us and protect us and keep everyone healthy and safe.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan,

Muhammad Aftab Diwan, MEd
Semester 2 Schedule:
Middle and High School

There is a slight change in the schedule to accomodate the 6th and 7th grade switch between Islamic History and Social Studies.

Look for these changes in middle school:
6th-grade: Islamic History is 1st period; English is 5th.
7th-grade: 6th period switches to Social Studies (Monday/Wednesday are the LIVE sessions).
8th-grade: English flips to 4th period and Social Studies to 6th (Tuesday/Thursday are the LIVE sessions).

High school students should look for the changes of these grades and courses:
10th-grade: English and QIS have changed places.
11th-grade: US History and Literary Themes of the Qur'an have changed places; AP Calculus has a new time on M/W/F.

Click the table below for the general schedule for middle and high school. Details can be found on the assignment chart!
Student Highlights:
10th grade presents to 6th grade about empathy!

Ms. Julia:
Ms Aisha’s 10th gave wonderful presentations to the 6th graders this week about the challenges that children face in the developing world and how we should develop empathy for all those undergoing extreme trials and hardships. They did an amazing job with both content and presentation and the 6th graders were thoroughly engaged. I am very proud of my former students and the young adults they are becoming. Special thanks to Ms. Aisha for sharing with us!

Ms. Aisha:
Jazakum Allahu khairan to 10th grade Honors English students for exceptional presentations, to the 6th-grade social studies students who were an attentive and respectful audience, and to their teacher, Ms. Julia, who provided this opportunity for our 10th graders.

This quarter, the 10th-graders read The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, an amazing memoir of Willaim Kamkwamba, a young boy from Malawi who recounts the suffering he endured from extreme famine and inability to attend school; yet he does not let it stop him from learning and assisting his family and community. After researching the suffering of children around the world, they prepared presentations for a younger audience to foster empathy and the desire to practice charity for the sake of Allah.

The 10th-graders skillfully presented through Zoom while the 6th-graders sent questions and comments through the chat. Alhumdulillah, it was a very beneficial experience for all. 

A Note From The Teacher:

I am so proud of all my amazing Kindergarten Students for working so hard in Science, and for sending me the videos of their cool Mystery Science experiments!
Jazakum Allah Khairun, I love you!

~Ms. Munira

January Character trait: Cooperation

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