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Fairytale Brides on a Shoestring boutique is a nonprofit designer bridal boutique. Net proceeds from all sales are donated to charities that empower women. Our dresses range in price from $200-$1200, ensuring that any bride can find a dress within her budget while also making an impact on the lives of others. Our dresses arrive to our store from designers, other bridal salons, and donations from generous individuals.

Our warm and caring volunteers help brides achieve the wedding of their dreams while keeping the emphasis on the wedding couple. We are always accepting donations and volunteers.

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What's a Wedding All about?

By: Matthew Ratz

A wedding is about you, the couple, sharing the love and care you have for each other with all the people in your life whom you both love and care about.

That’s it: a wedding is about sharing and expressing love and care. At the end of the day, guests will forget which varieties of flowers were in their centerpieces; they won’t be bothered if the dinner was plated or a buffet; they’ll likely have forgotten what was said at the altar. But they won’t forget the love and care that was shown between bride and groom and between the couple and their guests. 

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Who is the Perfect Spouse?
By: Matthew Ratz

“You’re perfect” is a compliment that many people strive for. We love to hear such a phrase from people in our lives who matter to us: parents, teachers, and romantic partners. But, try to count the number of times in your life you’ve been called “perfect”; you can probably use your fingers for that exercise. In reality, perfection is an ideal we strive for but rarely achieve.

With that said, many brides and grooms, when asked to describe their spouses, default to that word: “He’s just perfect” or “She’s perfect for me” or “We’re perfect together.” Many couples will not take the next step and ceremonialize their relationship through marriage unless there is a feeling of “perfection.” 

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Flowers Cost What?! Bridal Bouquets on a Budget

By: Matthew Ratz 

Did you know that some brides pay more than $250 just for the flower arrangements they walk down the aisle with? Why, you may ask, is a bundle of flowers so pricey? The easy answer: most brides select the most rare and expensive flowers for their bouquets because they’re “in style.” Think about it, how many bridal bouquets have you seen composed of cala    lilies, orchids, or multi-colored roses.

Not to delve too deeply into the economics of flowers, the concept of supply and demand drives the price of petals; costs of different flowers are very tied to the curves of supply (how many are available at any given time) and demand (how badly people want them). Think about how expensive a bouquet of a dozen red roses are on February 14th versus how cheaply they can be bought the other 364 days of the year.

When selecting flowers for your bouquet-- especially budget-consciously-- you’ll want to be deliberate about which flowers go into it. You’ll want to choose flowers that are either readily available in your local area (think about what grows in your neighbors’ yards each season) or what flowers mean for you. 

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Managing Your Guests RSVP's 
By: Mathew Ratz 

You’ve set the date, selected the venue, figured out the music and the flowers, and designed and printed your invitations. You’re ready, now, to send the scores of enveloped out into the world and hope that your friends and loved one are eager to share your special day with you and your chosen spouse.

Before you drop those envelopes in the mailbox though, before you seal them, think about this: how do I keep track of my guests’ replies? What if my guests don’t RSVP? What is someone RSVPs but forgets to write his or her name? Think about how many of your friends and loved ones will quickly check the “I’ll be there!” box without thinking to write their names. 

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Who do you donate to?

Our biggest donations go to help Rockville H.S. Seniors attend their first year at Montgomery College. These tuition donations are funded through the sale of our Couture Collection.

Our other past contributions have regularly gone to the Victims Rights Foundation and Suited for Change. Previous contributions have gone to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation, the Victims Rights Foundation, Kids Wish Network, Emerge, Inc., and funding a student in Haiti through St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church.
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