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August 2018
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Expand Your Knowledge 
Repairs that Are Tenants' Responsibilities.  Refrigerators break, drains clog, and walkways can get icy in the winter-but who's responsible for handling these common maintenance tasks, the tenant or the landlord? Click here for more Information!    Read more.
5 Types of Insurance You Never Knew Existed.  Insurance policies help the insured cope with unexpected life events-like damage to a home, illness, death of a loved one, or loss of luggage while traveling. Or alien abduction. Click here for more Information!   Read more.
Make Your Automobile Road Trip Ready.  The iconic summer road trip-open skies, open road, pit stops, and playlists. But don't pack the family into the car until you've done these things first.   Read More.
YOUR Credit Union News
The GenFed app, mobile banking, and online banking have been updated! eStatements and remote deposits (DeposZip) are integrated into the GenFed mobile app and our BillPay product has a new look too! And be sure to look for our app on the Apple watch!  Download our new app from the app store as the old app is no longer functioning.  Please be sure you have a current phone number on file with GenFed so that you can seamlessly log into the new system.  IMPORTANT: your old online banking account alerts, automatic transfers, and personalized settings may not have automatically moved over to the new platform. Please check all settings to be sure they are set up correctly.
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Refer a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker to GenFed and we will give you both $5. Ask for a referral card (or 10) today.
Save Your Identity with eStatements.

Reduce your chances of being a victim of mail fraud by receiving your GenFed statement electronically.

Banking and paying bills online not only cuts off thieves' access to the papers they need to commit ID theft, but also helps detect the crime sooner because consumers who bank online check their accounts more frequently than those who receive statements by mail.

Sign up for eStatements by logging in to HomeBanking and clicking 'Accounts' and then 'eStatement'.