September/October 2021
Welcome to the American Board of Surgery
We are pleased to welcome the American Board of Surgery (ABS) to the community of Advantage users. ABS is an independent, nonprofit organization founded in 1937 to establish a certification process and national certifying body for surgeons practicing in the U.S. 

Based in Philadelphia, the organization also produces educational and testing materials and administers the tests for continuous certification as well as the initial certification. Some 31,000 surgeons are currently board certified by ABS.

Welcome, ABS, to the Advantage family!
Welcome New Client: The Upper Room
We are pleased to welcome The Upper Room to the community of Advantage users. The Upper Room is a global, ecumenical ministry and a part of Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church, located in Nashville, Tennessee. The Upper Room offers a daily devotional guide, spiritual books, and formational programs to churches, individuals, and all who seek God.

The Upper Room was using several disparate systems and wanted to integrate everything into one system in order to offer a better customer experience. After an RFP process and software demonstrations, they chose Advantage as the solution that best met their needs. The implementation is in progress. 

We welcome The Upper Room to the Advantage family!
eSpired Now Live on Advantage
by Cindy Twiss

Congratulations to eSpired on a successful migration to Advantage. A recent addition to the Advantage family, eSpired is an educational marketplace that provides curriculum, supplements and supplies to students in public, private, and home schools. Their goal is to provide fun and entertaining educational content that can be enjoyed and accessed at home, online or anywhere. 

In looking for a new system, eSpired wanted one that provided the functionality to manage its variety of products and offers. Their team chose Advantage because of the depth of industry knowledge, the flexibility of the solution, and AdvantageCS’ reputation for integrity and partnership.

The implementation had an aggressive timeline and the combined eSpired-AdvantageCS team worked late nights, weekends and during vacations to finish the project. Members of the team quickly developed close relationships as they collaborated to overcome the challenges of a compressed schedule. All-day Teams meetings became the standard throughout much of the project.
Congratulations to Dick Hile: Soon-to-Be Retiree
by Cindy Twiss
Dick Hile didn’t set out to be a computer programmer. He entered the University of Michigan as a math major but after a couple of years, he found himself “mathed out” and wanted a change. Computer classes were cross-listed in the math department so he gave one a try, signing up for a beginning programming class. After that class, he switched majors to computer science and the rest is history.

Dick’s first real programming experience was on a work-study job in the U of M adult education department when his supervisor asked him to computerize the mailing system. He did, and after that, was hooked on programming.
Preparing and Partnering with Content, Product and Service Providers into the "Cookieless" Future
by Brian Roskamp (an AdvantageCS software engineer)

To better understand these cookies, allow me to set the stage… 

A few months ago, I was shopping for a new mattress. As a prudent consumer, I researched the various mattress brands, models, and retailers. Once I compiled a list of mattresses, to narrow down the list even further, I visited several retailer websites to read customer reviews and find the best prices.

Once I had my list completed, I took a break to prep dinner. I opened my favorite cooking website to reference the recipe I had planned and, wouldn’t you know it, the site was littered with ads for mattresses. Now, this wasn’t a surprise--I’m accustomed to being targeted with highly personalized ads.

However, weeks later and long after I completed my purchase, occasional mattress ads still continued to show up. They’re a little annoying, even a bit invasive, but I’m used to this and recognize that occasionally there may be an ad for something I’m actually interested in purchasing; something that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Even though, the question remains: How did this completely unrelated cooking site suddenly know to target me with mattress ads?

The answer: third-party tracking cookies.
Save Time--and More--with Advantage Single Sign-On
by John Sheehy

Single Sign-On (SSO), a new concept several years ago, has enjoyed adoption growth across a wide variety of organizations since then. 

So, what is Single Sign-On? 
A Single Sign-On solution allows users to log into multiple different applications using the same username and password. This could be a “social login,” such as “Log in with Facebook” or “Log in with Google,” options you’ve no doubt seen on the web before---or a login that is unique to the applications in your organization. Rather than the traditional model in which each application requires its own login, Single Sign-On manages the authentication across several applications:
Paul DesRosiers: Bridging the Gap between Strategy Design and Delivery
As a former business systems analyst for AdvantageCS, Paul DesRosiers is no stranger to project management. Paul has led several implementations as a project manager and was influential in designing and developing the AdvantageCS Software Revision Update methodology. He now works on the engineering side of the business as a senior software engineer with the Implementation Engineering Services team for new clients. While the team’s efforts typically rely on highly sophisticated and custom technical solutions, Paul recognizes that, in order to ensure the successful business utilization of new software, the delivery is every bit as important as the technical development.

Recently, Paul earned a “Bridging the Gap Between Strategy Design and Delivery” certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI), as part of the Brightline® initiative on the Coursera platform. 

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