VBA address starting Sept. 25: 1111 E. Main St., Suite 905, Richmond, VA  23219.
Filmed Aug. 28. The VBA extends appreciation to Virginia CLE and Bobby Swackhamer        for producing this video .
Tour your new member center
VBA on Main cafe seating
Stroll with VBA President David S. Mercer through VBA on Main, your new member center.

See what's in store at your law partner for life. The spacious, comfortable, tech-optimized center opens Nov. 1 in the Bank of America Center in downtown Richmond.

VBA on Main cafe area
VBA on Main conference room
VBA on Main lounge area
For more details about VBA on Main, see your fall 2017 issue of the VBA Journal.
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Unlock your member benefits at VBA on Main 
Convenient to courts and state agencies 

Business services
State-of-the-art conference rooms
VBA and client meeting/deposition rooms
Lounge space with outlets to recharge electronic devices
Networking/Mentoring space
Robust Wi-Fi
Video conferencing equipment
Copy/print/fax/scan ability
Private phone/nursing room
It's moving week; please bear with staff focusing on the office move
The staff appreciates your understanding as it devotes this week to the smooth transfer of the VBA office. Packing continues at the existing Seventh and Franklin offices of your law partner for life.

Movers come Friday, Sept. 22. The server will be disconnected at 2:30 p.m. Friday. For the rest of the afternoon, staff will not have access to computers, emails and phones. The technology should be up and running Monday, Sept. 25, when staff reports to work at office space adjacent to VBA on Main. 

Please note the new VBA address as of Sept. 25:
1111 E. Main St.
Suite 905
Richmond, VA  23219

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