December 2015
On December 2nd, DK Display premiered our newly renovated showroom showcasing our new collections for 2016 during the Retail Design Collective. 

 In case you missed the presentation, please feel free to reach out directly to our showroom at 212-807-0499 to schedule your private showing. 
Nissen Presence Collection
by New John Nissen

"Presence" the elegant new collection by New John Nissen, was premiered during the Retail Design Collective in the DK Display showroom.

The collection offers an assortment of unique poses straight from the fashion runways. 

The Presence collection is offered in a full figure, 3/4 torso, and 1/2 bust form with    numerous head, foot and color/finish options. 

These carefully hand crafted mannequins create depth and interest within visual installations

Learn more about Presence
by Bonaveri

Initially introduced to New York City during a gala held on the rooftop of God's Love We Deliver Michael Kors Building during fashion week, The Noble Collection made its first public debut in the DK Display showroom.

Shown interacting with the recently released Schlappi Aloof female Collection, Noble exhibits his ability to maintain a sense of presence and confidence. Possessing versatile poses and attitude, the collection is intended to work well individually or in groups. 

Each position, when combined, offers unique mirror images of each other allowing visual designers the opportunity to stage in a variety of environments. 

Tailor's NY 

Made by hand with an extreme attention for detail, Tailor's NY offers a completely redesigned selection of bust forms and display accessories made to order.

Choose from dozens of different neck cap, shoulder cap, and base options. All hardware is available in several different finishes. Multiple fabric options are also available, including custom printed and the ability to use your own to create a completely unique look.

MD Studio

MD studio specializes in the production of display elements and mannequins emphasizing on the research for new materials and concepts. Progressing along with fashion and design ideas, MD studio delivers Its products carefully choosing from a wide range of materials. The extreme care involved in the development of Its hand-crafted products, shaped by continuous design processes, defines the identity of MD studio as a pioneer and promoter of new styles destined to become classics. For the future, MD studio aims to focus on the realization of creative projects and to implement the use of innovative materials with the final goal to always design and deliver exclusive products.
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