• Outside, we transition from the frozen tundra to mud and sticks and hopefully soon to green grass and leaves on the trees. 
  • The economy continues to grow and by the look of the construction cranes across Boston, we will have sustained growth in our local workforce in the coming months and years.
  • At NEEBC, our change comes from a new corporate office, and we are thrilled with the new location.
  • And finally, we had change in the sports world where the Patriots didn’t win the Super Bowl, proving not all changes are good!

Similarly, the "New World of Work" is changing as rapidly as our seasons and economy. 

  • A recent study predicts that 65% of the future jobs for children entering kindergarten today haven’t even been invented yet. 

  • Technologies such as local employer LogMeIn’s GoToMeeting video conferencing is becoming as commonplace as conference calls of the past. 

  • Paper is being replaced with apps, microsites, social media, the cloud and other tools that allow instant and customizable communications. 

  • In our benefits world, “chatbots” are answering questions like “How many vacation days do I get this year and how many have I used?” which allows human resource professionals to focus their attention more efficiently on critical business matters. 

  • Our world of work is changing and changing rapidly. As business professionals, we need to embrace this "New World of Work" or risk being left driving empty taxis as Ubers speed past us.

We invite you to join NEEBC as we venture into this new world of work. And, we invite you to our annual Employee Benefits Summit and Trade Show, aptly titled " The New World of Work - Leveraging Benefits Strategies to Shape the Future."

  • Learn how to embrace innovation, change and disruption to support the changing workplace.

  • Discuss the needs and expectations of our newest generation entering the workforce, Generation Z. 

  • Hear from national and local speakers on a myriad of topics to better prepare you for now and the future.

Join NEEBC and the benefits community as we all grow and begin to understand what the work world of tomorrow has in store for all of us! 

All the best,

Jim Sullivan
NEEBC Board President
Principal, Mercer