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2024 P3 EQUATE Semi-Annual gathering theme:

“Maternal Care, Connection, & Collaboration”

See you Thursday for the 2024 P3 EQUATE Network Semi-Annual Meeting!

We're excited to gather on Thurs, Jan 25th from 4-6pm ET (dinner and reception from 6:30-10p) and Friday, Jan 26th from 8a-3pm ET (breakfast, lunch, snacks provided). We hope this will be a mix of relationship-building, networking, program planning, and strategic alignment.

We will be gathering at the Friday Center at UNC – 100 Friday Center Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27517 (both days). We will designate where virtual (Zoom) access is available in the program. Final program will be updated with Zoom links. You can view the tentative program and details below.

As a reminder: Registration (RSVP) has been required for all in-person and virtual (Zoom) guests. 

If you have not already, please watch the EQUATE Network Share Back recordings before our meeting. If you have issues opening the video links within the newsletter, use the direct links from the meeting homepage.

The meeting program and any updates will be shared on our event homepage.

Semi-Annual Meeting Program

For additional questions or concerns, please contact [email protected].

Virtual & UNC Friday Center Housekeeping Updates

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We will have Zoom / virtual capabilities. If you are interested in joining the meeting virtually, please contact Melodie Hunter. We will communicate program details with Zoom links within the embedded program.

Parking! For those joining us in-person and planning to drive or park, there are parking passes available at the front desk of the Friday Center. You'll park in Visitor Parking and put the pass given day-of on your dashboard.

At the Friday Center, there is space for all to break and move around. There is a breastfeeding room. The menu includes options for all dietary needs. Refreshments and drinks are widely available throughout.

There is free Wi-Fi at the Friday Center.

It may be a touch chilly (and possibly rainy) - dress in layers! The dress code is: we want you to be comfortable networking with our EQUATE network partners!

Teams, feel free to bring program flyers, swag, etc. to put on our P3 EQUATE Network 'bulletin' promo table.

We will be doing video and podcast recordings on-site - if you are interested in participating in a video interview, please contact [email protected]. We will also have live photography and a graphic notetaker. Please take lots of videos and photos - email or tag us @Believe_Birth.

For those traveling, logistic information was sent separately. If you have questions, concerns, or travel updates, please contact Melodie Hunter. Melodie would also appreciate you sharing flight information if you're comfortable!

You can find more details at believeipe.org/2024-semi-annual-meeting/.

Share Back Sessions: Meeting Pre-Requisite Watching!

You can view the entire Share Back session recordings and autoplay all at once or click each link below to watch each program's session one at a time.

If you have issues accessing/opening the links below, please try to open the direct links from our Meeting Homepage. Contact [email protected] for troubleshooting.

Coming to the meeting having watched these will allow us to have a better understanding of who is in our Network, what they are working on, and take the next step in collaboration and streamlining. Videos broken down by project below.

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Watch the BELIEVE IPE Share Back Update

ShareBack EQUATE Semi Annual AllNtwk Recordings.jpg

Watch the BETTER

Share Back Update

ShareBack EQUATE Semi Annual AllNtwk Recordings.jpg

Watch the DREAM

Share Back Update

ShareBack EQUATE Semi Annual AllNtwk Recordings.jpg

Watch the Impact P3

Share Back Update

ShareBack EQUATE Semi Annual AllNtwk Recordings.jpg

Watch the POPPY3

Share Back Update

ShareBack EQUATE Semi Annual AllNtwk Recordings.jpg

Watch the EQUATE Social Determinants of Health Core

ShareBack EQUATE Semi Annual AllNtwk Recordings.jpg

Watch the EQUATE Coordinating Center

Share Back Update

ShareBack EQUATE Semi Annual AllNtwk Recordings.jpg

Watch the full Share Back Meeting Recordings

Please review these prior to our January 25-26th Semi-Annual Meeting.

Email Imani Clark @ [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

#BelieveBirth and Upcoming Campaigns

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Stream the BELIEVE IPE Podcast!

In this episode of the Maternal Health Innovation Podcast, hosts Alison Stuebe and Kimberly D. Harper are exploring the groundbreaking work of the BELIEVE Project. Joined by Kimberly C. Harper and Janiya Williams, they delve into how the project is revolutionizing maternal care in the United States. Discover how the BELIEVE Project's innovative escape room approach, cultural sensitivity, and diverse perspectives are bridging healthcare disparities and transforming the maternal health landscape.

Click to listen to the BELIEVE podcast - or stream anywhere you listen to podcasts!

The BELIEVE Team is working with birthing people and healthcare workers to learn how collaboration can help us to work together better. We want to make healthcare workers and healthcare systems safer and build trust between birthing people and healthcare workers. We want to understand how these complicated problems in the health system harm pregnant people and healthcare workers and we want to help fix them. 

The goal of all this work is to make the healthcare system better so that every birthing person and healthcare worker is treated with respect and care. Learn more and get involved: www.believeIPE.org.

This Work Was Supported by American Heart Association Grant 22HERNPM1990570 / BELIEVE IPE / 2023.

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