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From the Executive Director
September 2018

    Courage is most often defined as the ability to do something you know is difficult or dangerous. It could be something very personal or something you do on someone else's behalf. Courage is the theme we are exploring at YHC this quarter and it seems a timely topic in this age of constant chaos. And it seems quite an  appropriate topic for people who put humanity at the center of their moral outlook; seeking to create a world where all human beings can flourish.
   There is so much bottled up frustration in our nation, so much injustice, fear, hatred, and racism, in our nation that the explosions of violence and rage are not surprising. They are symptomatic of a cultural disease that manifests in the systematic
dehumanizing of people. This is a time to be steady, calm, resolute, and determined as we stand in solidarity with those who seek justice. Let's add our
humanist voices to those who seek an end to the violence and chaos. 
    I know YHC to be a community filled with people of good hearts and intentions. But aren't we called by our humanist values to be more? Our vision of people united by values rather than divided by beliefs will not be built on avoidance. Are you willing to join me in committing to find the courage to recognize and call out oppression while at the same time summoning the courage to recognize our own privilege and live authentically? It will undoubtedly be difficult, and may even be dangerous, but we can encourage, support, and inspire one another. We can learn to sail our ships and not be afraid of the storm.
With courage I am yours for the good cause.

Our mission...find inspiration and meaning through connection.

Humanist Haven Gatherings are held the second Sunday of every month starting on Sept. 9th

Come and hear our three speakers share their personal reflections on courage.

Laura Marcin                    Rob Palmer             Niiki Rose Katz
Professional dancer         2nd yr. Yale             Artist, Writer,
and choreographer          medical student       Producer, Dir. of
                                                                         Bus. Dev. at Boab
                                                                         Tree Studios
Join us 1pm to2:30pm  at 323 Temple St. in New Haven for inspiring stories, stimulating discussion, and conviviality!

It would be great to have live music a part of our Humanist Haven gatherings. If you are a passionate musician (instrumental or voice) who wants to share that passion as part of our monthly gathering in exchange for loads of gratitude, please contact us by calling or emailing. Thank you!

Student dinners are back!
All students, undergrad and grad, are welcome to join YHC intern Emily B ruce in the Silliman College dining hall annex room on the first Wed. of the month. The first of the year is Sept. 5th 5 -6:30pm.
All non-Silliman students choosing to get their meal from the dining hall will need to do so before 5:30. You can also bring your own food and join in the discussion. Hope to see you there!

Please welcome our 2018-2019 intern Emily Bruce
Emily is a native of New Orleans and came to Yale after a first career working in the professional theatre world in New York. She is entering her third year of the Masters of Divinity program at Yale Divinity School. Her vocational plans are interfaith chaplaincy work in higher education, combined with environmental justice work. 
We are excited to have Emily with us for the year and hope you'll extend a warm welcome! 
Emily can be reached at

Our mission...explore ethical values.
A Workshop That Explores Our Values 
and How We Live Them

Co-hosted by the Diversity and Spirituality Network and Yale Humanist Community

Saturday, September 29 1 -5 PM
409 Prospect St. 
(Yale Divinity School)

Cost: by donation 
($45 suggested)
Students are encouraged to register without donation.

Have you ever...
* had a strong negative reaction to something that happened in the political sphere - but struggled to identify and articulate why you felt it was wrong?
* been asked to explain your core philosophical commitments but had trouble finding the right words?
* felt that you disappointed yourself and others by action, or inaction, that did not live up to your convictions?

In this workshop, we will 
explore our personal values and their impact on how we live and relate to other people and society.

Workshop facilitators:
Kathleen Green, Executive Director of the Yale Humanist Community 

Angelo Lewis, Director of the Diversity and Spirituality Network

Tom Krattenmaker, religion-in-public-life author and columnist, member of the YHC Board of Directors

All are welcome! 
Register by clicking  here.

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