Lamm Pro Consultancy, Inc. and LammLaw, P.C. integrate business and legal advisory services. With over 25 years of experience, Lamm is dedicated to offering clientele, legal counseling and advisory services. To learn more...
Looking forward to seeing everyone at next week's Funding Symposium.

Equipment finance not only contributes to businesses’ success, but to U.S. economic growth, manufacturing and jobs.

Lamm Pro's mission is to focus on the client with a combined approach to provide both business and legal solutions. You will receive a unique flexibility in regards to time, rate and scope.

Do you need assistance starting a leasing company? Being aware of compliance issues that effect your company and structures that best benefit your balance sheet and the client's equipment needs?

Lamm Pro is an advisory service to address your needs and Lamm Law P.C. executes your successes.

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