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Say "Hello to spring"

They say spring is coming ( March 20 to be exact ) and yes we have turned back the clocks, but the hard core reality is there is snow coming down in buckets as we write this. Have faith - as the miracle of growth within each seed will happen again. Check out the seed starting videos and see if this is the year to do it yourself.
Seed Starting Videos
Starting plants from seed is economical and helps your plants get a head start on producing an earlier and longer harvest. There are many videos on seed starting and honestly it was hard to pick just one. Remember that starting plants from seed is a process and requires constant attention to detail. Those tiny seeds can't dry out when you take the weekend away from home. For Hadley Garden Center's Free Seed Starting Guide download , go to our website.
Good Luck!
Plant Lists Now Available
More than 90 Rose varieties at your fingertips. If you have something special you see, be sure to come to the nursery early, as many varieties sell out quickly.
This list also contains a wide range of fruit producing plants - many trees, but also fruit shrubs and vines, and other edibles.
Thirteen pages of nursery stock items including many native plants and over 65 varieties of hydrangeas.
Is there an Owl Invasion? by Dan Ziomek
Many people have talked to us about seeing or hearing Barred Owls in strange places this winter. We have seen pictures from sign posts, road sides and even porches and decks. Why are these normally secretive predators making themselves so obvious this year? The easy answer would be that last year was a good reproductive year for these birds. But this does not explain why they have been spotted readily this winter. 

If bird rehabilitator Tom Ricardi’s theory is correct, a grey squirrel die off due to a lack of acorns is the cause. Most of the birds he has picked up are starving or being hit by cards. When food is scarce in the woods these birds often come to the edges of roads to hunt. This would explain all of the photos we have seen and all the injured birds Tom has picked up. The good news is that given the number of birds being seen we have a healthy, thriving Barred Owl population in the valley. Remember “Who cooks for you, who cooks for you all…”  That is their call.
To Do in March
March is the month to get back out in the garden and start to clean up from winter’s wrath. We can begin our spring pruning chores and cut back perennials and grasses that may have been missed in the fall. Check trees and shrubs for vole, mouse and deer damage. If damage has occurred cover bark wounds in pruning sealer. 

Deer damage can simply be cleaned up with hand pruners. As lawns become exposed mole and vole damage can be identified and snow plow scars can begin to be repaired. Lastly, here's the fun part - now is a great time to identify holes in your landscape that may need that new shrub or perennial you have been coveting. A small amount of work cleaning up now will save you a lot of effort during the peak planting season to come.  
Message from Tom and Janine

It's almost spring and we are gearing up. We encourage you to start some seeds for the later spring planting. We've got everything you need to help you be successful. 

 Our nursery yard will be getting the first shipment of plants this week and we encourage you to stop in and see what's new. Our hours will be changing soon with the longer, warmer days so that will make it a little easier. Last year was another successful year for us and we are looking forward to the same for 2019 and to seeing you all soon!


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