Newsletter   January 26, 2018

"We have to empower women to get them engaged in managing their own menstrual health. So much of the stigmatization has to do with patriarchal perspectives, including the lack of inadequate sanitation seen in the structure of workplaces and schools."  Sutopa Dasgupta (Harvard PhD candidate). 

Over the past decade, Abanish Rizal has worked within the intersection of development, public health, higher education and South Asia, so he brings a wealth of knowledge to SAI. Given his background in research and passion for public health, Abanish is particularly interested in translational research carried out in the field.
SAI will host dozens of seminars and co-sponsored events in Spring 2018, on topics including the arts and humanities, social sciences, and science. Information on additional events will be updated throughout the semester.

Want to explore how entrepreneurship and innovation tackle complex social problems in emerging economies? SAI Director Tarun Khanna (Harvard Business School) is leading a free 6-week business and management course starting on February 28th on the HarvardX platform.

Featured Publications:
Ali Sethi sings in microphone
Pakistani Musician Ali Sethi '06 Announces New Projects
Harvard alum  Ali Sethi spoke to The News about his upcoming projects, "I'm looking forward to being a little radical here - a learned vandal, if you will! - with lyrics and melody and arrangement. I would like our music to feel both original and intelligible."

Featured Events:
Harvard's  Harpreet Singh and Bilal Malik are hosting a monthly reading group in Boston for people interested in Punjabi and Urdu poetry. 

"I spent a lifetime on this mirror, how casually it was smashed 
No discerning eyes here, just stone-throwers all around" 
--Mian Muhammad Bhakhsh (Saif-ul Maluk)
Monday, January 29th from 4 to 5pm
SAI welcomes Harvard students back to campus! 
We invite you to hear about Summer Funding opportunities from past SAI grant recipients. Learn about the various types of grants, the application process -  including how to write a budget - and enjoy some delicious South Asian food. 
February 2 to March 18, 2018
Rahul Mehrotra (Harvard), Ranjit Hoskote, and Kaiwan Mehta curated an exhibition about the State of Housing in India. Related events include an inaugural keynote lecture, parallel lecture series every week and a closing conference.

Student Opportunities:
Harvard Raftaar Bollywood Dance Auditions and Sunday, January 28, 2018.

Flash Back Friday:
Woman talking to a camera
On July 28th 2016, SAI and Tata Trusts hosted the third webinar of a multi-part series on Women's Empowerment. The webinar, titled 'Working with Boys and Men to Prevent Gender Based Violence,' consisted of a panel of eminent speakers. The first was Ms. Rujuta Teredesai-Heron, a journalist and Co-founder of Equal Community Foundation in India.