Dear Gardeners,

Although a frost is in the air, it's time to be like the bees and get busy in your garden. We're sowing and transplanting, weeding and watering, harvesting and munching, and generally reveling in the return of all things green.

If you are seedless, head over to our catalog and use free shipping code MINI at checkout!

Stay seedy,
Ken and Doug and the Crew

Two Big Events!

Annual Seedling Sale
This weekend May 18th, 19th
Catskill Native Nursery
Wildflower Festival

This year we grew over 108 (!) varieties of heirloom vegetables, flowers, and herbs for the seedling sale. Click here to see what some of the featured varieties will be. 
comes to the
Chicago Botanic Gardens 


The Chicago Botanic Gardens are beautiful this time of year and their gallery space is amazing. Worth the trip if you live in the area! The final show will be in June in Washington, DC.

Meanwhile, the new art for next year's Art Packs is currently being created by 20 new artists. We'll start sharing sneak peaks in October!
Featured Variety:
Yes, you can grow Jenny Lind Melons!
Seeder's Digest: A Selection of What You May Have Missed on Our  
Seed Library Gardeners Favorite Books plus Book and Journal Winner!
Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and told us about your favorite books. See the full list of 22 gardening, cooking, food politics, and garden memoir books here and find out if you won!
What's Doug Doing?

Sometimes I realize that, if someone who didn't know what we were doing was watching, we'd look like weirdos. Here's a photo essay of one of those moments. Can you guess what Doug's doing?  

Frost? Don't Freak Out! Are you an overprotective plant parent? Do you know which young seedlings need protection and which don't? Here are ways to ward off cold, and ways to not worry about it.

Organic Dahlias
There are just a few Dahlias left. We're going to plant some ourselves and the rest are up for grabs. When they're gone, they're gone. Choose from four luscious varieties- burgundy, pink, purple, or flame. or buy the whole set!

Spring Foraging by way of Spring Weeding: 6 Edible Garden Weeds The arrival of spring brings new life everywhere: blooms, buds, baby lambs... and weeds. Weeds, although often fully at odds with the goals of a gardener, are not inherently bad.
New Farm Store! The Seed Library is partnering with Hollengold Farm to run a weekly farm store where you can get a taste of what we're growing as well as ferments, flowers, preserves, t-shirts, seed swag, books, and more!
Friends of the Seed Library: A heartfelt thank you to the folks who support our work.
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