Fall is the BEST time to seed your lawn and repair it from the hot summer stresses. Remember, the best defense against crabgrass and other weeds is a healthy, thick lawn. The latter helps “crowd out” weeds in the future while, at the same time, limits the amount of pesticides that are applied to the lawn. Be certain to choose a quality grass seed for your lawn this fall.
Be certain to choose a high-quality grass seed for your lawn this fall.  Black Beauty grass seed products, particularly Black Beauty Fall Magic, should be your first selection. Seen on This Old House, Today, and Fox & Friends, Black Beauty varieties are drought- and disease-tolerant, have an incredible dark-green color, and need far less water and fertilizer than competitive cultivars. Additionally, Black Beauty contains beneficial endophytes, which make the grass naturally resistant to insect damage. Visit our website for complete seeding instructions.