December 2020
Global Seed Savers Newsletter
Seeding New Beginnings:

Year End Message from
Founder & US Executive Director, Sherry Manning
As 2020 draws to a close, I hope you are all taking some time to reflect, re-group, and hopefully rejuvenate after all the highs and lows of this unexpectedly challenging year. When 2020 began none of us could have imagined all that would unfold for the world, families, partner communities and farmers we work side by side with throughout the Philippines. 

From the very start of the pandemic all of us at Global Seed Savers have felt and seen a growing demand for our work. As global and local food supply chains were cut off, the need for locally produced food and seeds has become even more critical. We have been honored to help lead these efforts throughout the Philippines and connect our dedicated partner farmers produce, and seeds with some of the country's most vulnerable populations in the greater Metro Manila region. 
As you have heard throughout this year, our Aduyon Initiative led to the distribution of over 720,000 pounds of vegetables to more than 50,000 vulnerable families throughout metro Manila. In addition, this initiative maintained the livelihood of over 500 farmers from 6 different municipalities in Benguet Province.

However, Aduyon is more than these incredible numbers, but now is a core value and principle in how we build collaborations and grow our impact. Aduyon is an Ibaloi word meaning mutual help/support (truly more of an energy exchange) between the participants. This concept is what led to the success of this initiative as many partners joined to make this tremendous vision into a reality. If there is one thing I hope we have all learned through this global pandemic, is that coming together and supporting each other while working towards mutual support, is the only way forward!! 

As we approach the end of 2020, I want you to know that our impact is deepening and with your continued support we can respond to this growth by: investing in our staff, expanding our programs to urban areas, launching farmer seed sales, and bringing our technical training programs to new regions and communities.
We are currently only $2,000 short of reaching our year-end campaign goal of $5,000! Your year-end gift to Global Seed Savers will be transformative and ensure we can continue to accomplish our goals in the coming year. 
On behalf of all of us at Global Seed Savers, thank you for your support in big and small ways during this year and we are so happy you are part of the GSS Family! 

Seed Onward and may we all spread Aduyon energy this holiday season and beyond! 

Sherry Manning
Founder & US Executive Director
Global Seed Savers
Farmers End the Year with Connecting and Enthusiasm for 2021
Throughout most of the year the GSS Team has not been able to physically gather with our dedicated partner farmers. Though we have stayed in close touch with each of them via text, phone calls, and even the occasional video message. Over the last month as travel restrictions have been lifted, both the Benguet Association of Seed Savers (BASS) and the Cebu Seed Savers (CSS) have been safely able to meet in person for year end gatherings.

In Cebu, CSS members received seed cabinets that contain everything they need to successfully save seeds at their farms. Including storage jars, seed saving tips, materials to support on farm seed trials, and more!

In Benguet, the BASS members gathered at a beautiful farm and elected their new officers and discussed pricing for the seed sales they are preparing to launch. We are so proud to see the BASS farmers expand their seed production and manage their own meetings.

We are all hopeful for more in person meetings are returning to our farm visits and field monitoring of seed trials in 2021.

Happy Holidays to the GSS Family from the Benguet Association of Seed Savers and the Cebu Seed Savers!