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                      Is it Bullying? 


Helping a mentee navigate the ups and downs of school life is a complex task Seedling mentors strive to carry out with thoughtful consideration each week.  Providing a listening ear and words of encouragement when needed, however, can sometimes not be enough if you fear your mentee is in harm's way.  As a caring adult, it is natural to want to intervene swiftly on your mentee's behalf.  Concern that your mentee is the target of bullying is one of those instances.   



Is Your Mentee an E or an I?
Think about your own preferences and reactions when you're in a group of your peers. Do you find that being in the group gives you energy? Or do you find that being in a group zaps your energy after a while?

Now picture yourself at the end of a long day. When it is time to recharge, would you prefer to spend time laughing and chatting with friends? Or do you prefer a quiet activity like reading or tinkering with a solitary hobby?

These characteristics speak to well-researched basic personality differences, and your mentee has them, too!  In order to accommodate and capitalize on the differences between extroverts and introverts  Read more.....



Question of the Month

 What about holiday gifts?


The upcoming holidays are filled with tradition and sentiment that hold special meaning, like giving a gift to someone you care about.  


The time and attention you give to your mentee is a wonderful gift you give to your mentee each week throughout the school year.  However, if you wish to commemorate the holiday with your mentee, there are many ways to say I care about you, and celebrate!  


Watch your email for unique and entertaining suggestions from your Mentor Director.  





December 5 - Monthly Mentor Training at Richardson Family Learning Center located at 4320 South Congress Avenue  Austin 78745 


December 18 - Early Release (High School)

Lake Travis ISD, Pflugerville ISD


December 18 and 19 - Early Release (Grades 9-12)

Bastrop ISD


Last Student Class Day before Winter Break:

December 18

Austin ISD, Hays CISD, Round Rock ISD


December 19 - Early Release

Bastrop ISD (K-8), Elgin ISD, Lake Travis ISD, Manor ISD, Pflugerville ISD


December 19

Del Valle ISD


First Student Class Day after Winter Break:

January 5

Austin ISD, Elgin ISD


January 6 

Bastrop ISD, Del Valle ISD, Hays CISD, Lake Travis ISD, Manor ISD, Round Rock ISD


January 7

Pflugerville ISD


The Seedling Offices will be closed December 19 through January 4. 

From all of the staff at Seedling, best wishes for joyous holidays 

among family and friends for health and happiness

                                   throughout the coming year.  



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