*  Really Good Reasons to Say "Let's Play"

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Especially for 5th Grade Mentors:  Mentee Meets Middle School

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 Really Good Reasons 
to Say 
"Let's Play"




Enjoying a game or entertaining activity with your mentee is a wonderful way to connect.  Not only that, but also

  • Play encourages communication
  • Play is learning
  • Play gives children a choice
  • Play teaches patience and understanding
  • Play can build confidence
  • Play is fun

Last month's Mentor Training reminded Seedling mentors of the importance of play as they had the opportunity to learn new activities and were reminded of vintage games that are always a pleaser.  Click here to review activities that, for example, have you and your mentee trotting the globe, getting to know each other better with a cootie-catcher, expressing yourselves through mod-podge and appreciating the art of War. 


For additional engaging activities please visit these past Mentor Minutes and choose the Click Here link.



 How can I be more genuine with my mentee?


Starting a fresh year each January often inspires us to improve ourselves by setting goals and striving to be our best. Bringing this motivation to mentoring is a wonderful way to demonstrate authenticity and good character to your mentee, by walking the walk and being the change you wish to see.  Being genuine in mentoring could be sharing a bit about yourself, through appropriate self disclosure, to build trust and deepen your connection.  Watch your email this month for ideas from your Mentor Director on how you can be an example of good character and build connection through authenticity.    


Especially for 
5th Grade Mentors:  
Mentee Meets Middle School

Thinking about 2015 and all its possibilities?  Your 5th grade mentee might be too, as he/she will be entering the 6th grade this year! The idea might be both exciting and scary for you both. When compared to the structure and smallness of elementary, middle school will be a whole new world for your mentee. An important life lesson we can share is that change is always a part of life and can be an exciting new adventure.


For this reason, we are providing you with monthly installments of information and activities to share with your 5th grade mentee for what we hope will be a helpful and fun way to get ready for 6th grade. A conversation you can begin with your mentee this month is about his/her expectations of middle school and what it might be like.


The attached chart highlights the many differences, from homework to lunch schedules, between elementary and middle school. A second attachment, Memories of Middle School as told by Middle School Students, will surely get your mentee excited about exploring Middle School with you and prepare him/her for a solid start.  








Wednesday, January 14 

- Monthly Lunchtime Training at Carver Library


Monday, January 19  

- MLK Student Holiday for all districts 


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