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   - My mentee is thrilled about summer, right?
   - What if I do/do not plan to continue mentoring next year?
   - Will I keep the same mentee next year? What if my                        mentee's parent is released?
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               Can I keep in touch with my  mentee                   
through the summer?

Caregivers and mentees understand from the onset of the relationship that Seedling's Promise is a school-based program, and that mentors have contact with the children only at school. This summer however, you have the option of staying in contact with your mentee through writing letters, and being his/her pen pal! The deadline to make arrangements to share letters is May 15th. To find out how, read more... 


Question of the Month


How can I end this year's mentoring 

in a meaningful way?


As the school year closes it only seems natural to want to have fun during your last few visits with your mentee and celebrate!  By acknowledging your year together in a creative way.... read more






This warm weather we are enjoying is just another reminder that summer is right around the corner and the school year is coming to a close.  As you begin saying "so long" until August, be mindful of reminding your mentee that you will not see one another until the next school year. 


To help with this and to make the most of your May visits, please enjoy these End of Year FAQs (reprinted annually in the May Mentor Minute).




My mentee is thrilled 
about summer right?


Who wouldn't be happy about having no homework, sleeping a little later, and playing outside in the sunshine?  But summer may include some other differences for your mentee. You might be surprised by some issues that could result in subtle signs of anxiety in your next few visits.  Read more



I do/do not plan to continue

mentoring next year


We sincerely hope that every mentoring relationship will be continued next school year.  Research tells us that match longevity is key to the lasting benefit of the experience.  The fact is, however, we cannot know what events in the life of the mentor or the mentee might make it impossible to see one another again.  That is why conversations we refer to as "closure activities" are critical to include in your May visits.  Read more



Will I keep the same mentee next year?

What if my mentee's parent is released?


So long as the child and the caregiver continue to agree to participation, Seedling will support a continued match for any mentee enrolled in any Austin ISD school or a district nearby, even if the incarcerated loved one has been released. Our staff will contact you in August to confirm that you wish to continue mentoring and to help you reconnect with your mentee.

For 5th Grade Mentors:
                      Solving the 
          Middle School Puzzle

Take a moment...... think back to when you were a young person at eleven or twelve years old. You are about to begin your middle school years. What were your fears or your expectations?

What were you excited about? It's a puzzle....Read more



Art Contest


This year's art contest was an overwhelming success, with 43 mentees entering their unique and personal works of art focused on "dreams." Sincere thanks go to all the Seedling mentees who submitted original art for our contest and to their mentors who took such care to convey the entries to us.  A lovely certificate of appreciation has been placed with your sign-in sheet at school so that you can present it to the child.


The mentors of the grade level winners have been told the good news, and their mentees will be surprised at school sometime this month.



    Javonni ~ Steven Jonas                                   Neftali ~ Sherrie Raven
    Sofia ~ Stephanie Meldrum                           Xavier ~ Dan Hurlimann
    Dayvin ~ Chris Perez                                       Emily ~ Gail Van Winkle
    Jayden ~ Elissa Calamia                               Jimena ~ Kali' Rourke
    Mariano ~ Steve Pina                                      Miguel ~ Michael Gottner
    Ricardo ~ Kay Berry                                        Anayah ~ Lisa Starr
    Arianna ~ Lydia Jarjoura                              Daisy ~ RoxAnne Parker
    Juan ~ Lynn Howard                                      Lilianna ~ Amy Adams
    Maria ~ Anisa Pope                                         Marc ~ Alexandra Cox-Cuzzi
    Mark ~ Michael Dominguez                          Nicole ~ Barbara Botts
    Randy ~ Chief Jim Sylvester                         Yvette ~ Emily Mares
    Alyssa ~ Kaley Horton                                    Elizabeth ~ Shira Ledman
    Julie ~ Mary Henderson                                 Mikayla ~ Arielle Mahon
    Moses ~ Herbert Long                                  
Nancy ~ Nelli Niňo
    Sebastian ~ Hilary Simon                              Tatiana ~ Liz Banner
    Victor ~ Charles Smith                                    Desiree ~ Leilani Williams
    Eli ~ Harika Barasan                                      Eduardo ~ Patty Peŕez
    Isaiah ~ Marvin Itzep                                      Paula ~ Patsy Crawford
    Arianna ~ Eryn Wike                                       Kristine ~ Alice DeLeon
    Stephanie  ~ Jenny Peŕez                                Aaliyah ~ Ashley LeMaistre
    Kenyauni ~ Lee Vallery                                   Alexis ~ Angela Guerrero
    Stephany ~ Mickey Jacobs       




Wednesday, May 6

- Round Rock ISD Early Release


Friday, May 15 

- RSVP requested for Mentor Appreciation Luncheon


Wednesday, May 20

- Del Valle ISD Early Release


Friday, May 22

- Austin ISD (Student Holiday)


Thursday, May 21 

- Mentor Appreciation Event from 11:30a.m. - 1:00p.m. at the 

   Delco Center 



Monday, May 25

- Memorial Day holiday for all Central Texas School Districts


The last day of classes is.....

Austin ISD - June 4th

Austin Achieve - June 4th

Austin Vista-Premier - June 4th

Bastrop ISD - June 4th

Del Valle ISD - June 5th (June 4th Early Release)

East Austin Prep - June 4th

Elgin ISD - June 4th

Harmony Schools - May 29th

Hays CISD - June 3rd

IDEA - Allan - May 27th

KIPP Austin - June 3rd

Lake Travis ISD - June 4th

Manor ISD - June 4th (Early Release)

Pflugerville ISD - June 2nd (Early Release - June 1st Early Release High School)

Round Rock ISD - June 4th



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